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"Sign up to Muscle Crate and we will send you a selection of 10+ fitness supplement samples each month, giving you the chance to try out new types of protein powders, pre-workouts, BCAA's, fat burners and much more. Get the most from your workouts without having to buy full sized supplements first. Get your Muscle Crate supplement sample subscription box for just £15/$22.50 a month with free UK and US shipping."

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October 29, 2019
One of the most terrible things I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. They ship the boxes (to US) incredibly slow, we’re talking 20-30 days to receive a box. Out of the two boxes I managed to receive after being signed up for almost 4 months and not being able to take it anymore, the last box had an exploded (canned liquid) product in it, that had basically ruined most of the rest of the box. I’ve requested a replacement twice, and they finally informed me that they wouldn’t send me a replacement box unless I made a purchase from them. Well...I did make a purchase, the ORIGINAL BOX THAT EXPLODED. Don’t waste your time with these guys. I at least gave them a whole star for product selection, as the products they sent were usually tasty, even though they didn’t seem to really match the total cost of the box. Another thing that was frustrating is that half of the products I liked were only available in the UK, so why even ship those to your US customers? Now we’re just disappointed we can’t get this product that you sent us and we liked. All around one of the worst experiences I’ve had, especially with a smaller start-up, where customer focus tends to be high.
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