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We scour the earth for the most amazing stationery products. Every month we curate an exclusive box for our subscribers. Many of our boxes contain limited edition items only available to Moustache Stationery subscribers.

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December 31, 2016
Hi all - this is a 'in progress' review - I really want to like this. At this point, this is a waste of money, time, and you are just giving your money away. I was really excited about getting this box. And it's Canadian so I was doubly enthusiastic. I signed up, placed order, November 21st. And nothing has arrived. Okay, Christmas is hectic and Canada Post will be stretched. I reached out to the company. The first 'contact'/'feedback' email disappeared into the ether. I can't even find record of it. Some sort of administrative error and I had to 're-register', set new password, and reconfirm. Okay, once I did that I could see my client info, I only had an order number from my email confirmation, so I, again reached out to the company. This time I got an automatic reply advising of a response time of 24 hours. I waited. That was December 13th. My request for help has now been closed without response - it was counting off the days above 16. No reply of any kind. I can only find my ticket by using the hyperlink in the email they sent me. There is no way to find open tickets or even past orders on the client page. I sent another response and suddenly my ticket has been refreshed and now has only been open for 4 days. This time there wasn't even a confirming email stating they had received the ticket. At this point. Don't bother.
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