MoonBox by Gaia Collective

MoonBox by Gaia Collective


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"A holistic crystal and full moon subscription arriving at your doorstep before each full moon! Use these gifts to deepen your connection to the moon, your inner self, and the community that supports you. Boxes include: a new original Moon Oracle card each Moon, designed by The Starchild Tarot, handmade essential oils. Featured Item made by small, independent artists. Includes free shipping."

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Absolute waste of money. 4 small sample sized, usually kind of “hokey” items at a premium price. Items are often missing or damaged and customer service responds to emails quickly but takes quite a while to actually correct the issue. Unless your first payment is made exactly on the 1st of a given month, then you will make 2 payments before receiving your first box. After add ons, this came to $104 before receiving anything at all. The 4 crystals (1 large and 3 small) and monthly tapestry used to be one lovely and almost redeeming aspect of the box, but have been replaced by 1 crystal (which was explained to be a large “specialty” crystal, but was actually the smallest and most disappointing of the 4 months I received) and a very flimsy piece of wood printed with their logo and a calendar that’s difficult to see. No price change. The “wearable gem” add on is $8 and ironically never a gem or crystal but a very cheaply made “bohemian style” piece of jewelry that you’d be better off buying on the wish app for $1 If you’re looking for a box like this then I would personally recommend goddess provisions or buddhi box at a lower price point for 4-5 much higher quality items
on 4/2/2019