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That Daily Deal Monthly Mystery Box


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We have been doing mystery boxes for NINE YEARS, and continue to blow people away with the value and variety of our boxes. Our boxes are different than most. They can differ from person to person and we focus on giving you the wow factor for your dollar. For those of you that like surprises on a regular basis, man oh man do we have the thing for you! We are well known for our good mystery boxes here. That is why so many of you jump on one every time they go live. Well, we have taken our incredibly popular mystery box and made it available for a (limited space) monthly delivery. Every month you will receive an exclusive mystery box with goodies ONLY for the people on the monthly mystery box program.

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Anyone know how to cancel this? I've looked and looked and I don't seem to be finding it. There is no paperwork in my package and the only phone number I've found online is not a complete phone number.
on 5/11/2018
I really like this box. I get things in it that I would not think to get for myself but then find myself using them a lot and really liking them. I will admit there have been a few dud items and a few things that I'd prefer to gift away..
on 8/16/2017
Billed on March 24. Sent a shipping notice on April 17 that it was processing. It is May 1 and it is still processing. This is ridiculous.
on 5/1/2017
I loved this box,I mean it was usually kind of junky stuff,but there were some gems and some things you never knew you wanted. Plus it had the awesome benefit of the Extremely Good Deals club where they really were awesome deals. However,a few months after I signed up for this box,I had my debit card stolen. I was suspicious because I don't use it for many places,but I did use it on That Daily Deal,and to be honest,their site is kind of shady. They misspell things,have cheap layouts,and when they post videos of their employees they are like in a cubicle hovel,it's not very professional. Then like clockwork,in about the same amount of time,it happened again,my updated debit was stolen. And unfortunately,I had recommended the mystery box to my mother,and within hours of my second theft,her card was stolen too. Daily Deal is basically our common denominator,we don't even share computers and we don't share physical stores or gas stations or anything. I don't have evidence,but I do notice when you go to their homepage it's not secure,not until AFTER you log in and AFTER you click 'my account',so I think most likely they have some security problems. One final note,their customer service can be very polite and helpful or very touch and go.
on 2/25/2017
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My Sept. box was less than Awesome... way less... I really hope oct. is better.
on 10/4/2016
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After looking at the reviews, I decided to try this subscription out. I ordered my monthly box way back in April...still haven't received it. When I check on the status it tells me it's processing, will ship soon. I'm starting to think there is a problem. It's crazy to wait over a month for a box.
on 5/25/2016