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Jul 10, 2016
This is my second month I have received a subscription. I love it. Love the workout guides. Love the sports bra I received and tank top. I was so happy I received BPI bcaa. That is what I use on a daily basis. Love it. Love the snacks. Nice to not have to think. 😃😃
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Jul 6, 2016
I received my first Performance Pack yesterday (07/05). Considering I signed up on Friday (07/01) morning and the 4th of July in the mix, that’s super impressive customer service. Having my name on the box and a personal note from the CFO is fantastic. Overall, the packaging feels high-end, which is good considering the cost of the box. To put the Performance Pack into context, given that a major selling point for me is the personalization, I’m 35, close to 6’3”, and a very athletic 220. I’ve always been an over-active adult, and so as I age I’m more interested in maintaining my fitness level while improving my overall athleticism without re-aggravating some previously slipped discs and/or past knee and ankle injuries. In my late twenties I biked long distances and weighed as low as 167. A few years ago in my early 30s I got into power lifting and was 263 at my largest. I have never had trouble putting on muscle or losing weight, so now you probably hate me. Anyhow, right now, I’m super into battleropes, spinning, and relatively low-impact plyometric/body-weight exercises derived from crossfit, with some kettlebells thrown in for good measure. I wish I’d know about HIIT, tabata in particular, back when I was 18, but what can you do? Hence, though I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, I’m familiar with the full gamut of exercise options and supplements out there. When I signed up for the Pack, I indicated that I was interested in athleticism rather than bodybuilding. A lot of the options for men were "build muscle" or "increase power." A "maintain/increase overall fitness" option would be more beneficial to me, but I'm not sure what their average male subscriber is looking for. I’m not sure how this review will format, so I’ll list what I received as best I can (I really hate these text-vomit reviews; get it together mysubscriptionaddiction): 1. Fitwear Lifting Straps (red). Value: $14.21. I have been lifting weights off and on for 22 years (great, now I feel old). I have never used lifting straps. Maybe when I hit age 40 I’ll try to break my own deadlift record or something, but these would be more useful for someone my age who had never touched a freeweight before, or for some millennial beta who's only ever lifted a smartphone. Whatevs. Doubt I’ll ever use them. 2. Fitwear Pace (?) Tank. Value(?): $35.54. This is more of a sleeveless crewneck muscle shirt than a tank top. I’m not sure if it is the same "Pace" shirt that Fitwear sells, as I can’t find it on their site. I wear a L in most shirts (XL in slim fit stuff). This is a L and the fit across the chest/shoulders is fine. Waist is a bit looser than I prefer for my workout gear. It is also bit long, so if I was under 6’ it might have to be tucked in, which is weird. Sadly, it’s this strange, nearly fleshtone burnt-out pink color with gray mesh panels that would feel right at home on Star Trek: TNG. It would look awesome on someone with darker skin, but I am equal parts pale, ruddy, and tattooed. I don’t see myself wearing it out to a restaurant or something, but at the gym or around the house is fine. I don’t mind the color, but it’s not something I would have selected for myself. 3. NutraBio Pre in Watermelon. Value: $37.99. I tried BCAAs when I was on my lifting spree a few years ago. They were okay, but they didn’t make a large enough difference for me to recommend them. This stuff is interesting because of the 350 mg of caffeine in each serving. Looking forward to trying it out. 4. Cooling Towel. Value(?): ~$10.00. This is a microfiber towel that absorbs a lot of sweat or cools you down when it is wet. I work out in my basement, so I’m not super concerned with getting sweat all over the place or cooling off asap. Gave it to my wife for her Roller Derby practice/bouts. 5. Niche for Men Deodorizing Body/Face wipes (2-pack). Value: $3.00. Might be useful for after a hike or while traveling or something. Still, $1.50 for a 9x11 moist towelette is a bit much. $3.00 = enough baby wipes and plastic bags to outlast the apocalypse. 6. Click Espresso Protein Drink (1 serving). Value: $1.50. Doubt I’d ever buy a larger version of this as there are better protein sources out there, but I do like coffee. 7. Dick Stevens Turkey Jerky Mix (2.15 ounces). Value: ~$4.00. I like gas station jerky and I eat trail mix like candy, so I’m sure I’ll like this. 8. Monthly Workout Plan: Advanced Male, Athletic Performance. This is a pretty dope workout. Unfortunately, it calls for a lot of equipment that I don’t have. I don’t go to a gym, I go to my creepy basement, which is filled with rusting free weights, a heavy bag, some comically large kettlebells, an exercise bike that was not designed for the abuse it receives, and a battle rope that is slowly growing an impenetrable chrysalis of duct tape. With the promo code I found on this site, I paid $55.99 for my first Performance Pack. According to my calculations, the total value of the items I received is around $106.24. That’s a great value, but right now I’m on the fence as to how long I’ll stick with this subscription. The smaller items seem a bit like throwaways (akin to the "art print" that Loot Crate inevitably sends), while the lifting straps make no sense for me. Nevertheless, two changes would have made me love this box. First, if the shirt were almost any other color, I'd love it. Sickly salmon pink is an odd choice; neon hot pink would have been my jam!. It’s a great design and will get a lot of use, but it’s frustratingly close to being awesome. Fitwear has some really cool gear on their website that looks like it's from the future, but none of it is this sad-sack-salmon color. Second, I wish the Monthly Workout Plan was tailored to me, which is the stated purpose of the Performance Pack. What I mean by this, is that there should be a question when you sign up regarding where you work out--i.e., the gym, your home, hotel rooms, the park, etc. If alternative Monthly Workout Plans are not cost effective, Monarch could include alternate exercises alongside the suggested ones, based on your locale. I’m not sure about you, but if I was going to a gym regularly, I would more than likely be purchasing my supplements/gear there in order to support the facility, rather than signing up for a subscription box. Moreover, if I lived in small town I might not have access to a facility with anything but the most basic equipment, which would be that much more frustrating. In short, I feel like I got my money’s worth, but I might be less thrilled if I’d paid full price. I think it would be in Monarch’s interest to design workouts based on where you work out, and to perhaps acquire a bit more info up front about your aesthetic preferences.
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Jun 6, 2016
I like my first box from Monarch Fitness. I am disappointed that the sport wear is in the wrong size. I need a small and received a medium. my bra tops I need a medium, but I am a petite woman so in shirts I need small. the top is too big. I will give it to a friend, everything else is fun, if I'm nit picky I would add that being a female box I would have preferred pink, purple or even just straight up black wrist wraps...Prisoner orange is not but over all I think the packaging is phenomenal...receiving a hand written card from the ceo is super nice touch. I am excited to try all of the new items and they are all more full size not just sample size so that is AWESOME!! Already looking forward to the next box. ~angie