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Mommy MailBox boxes are specially curated to make your life better, easier, sweeter. The goal is to fill our boxes with products that uplift and reward every mommy. Each box includes unique gifts for moms of all ages, such as jewelry, accessories, home goods, and yummy treats. Total product value is between $55 and $75, though our subscription price is a fraction of that.

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Please beware. They didn't ship at least my last box and I really think two boxes. Will not respond. Tried to get Cratejoy to help, but they wouldn't. I loved it at first and bought an annual sub. Curation went downhill. Shipping got erratic until they just stopped.
on 6/19/2019
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What is going on with them? Constant shipping issues, customer service is silent! I love their boxes, really enjoy them. Just wish they would fix their issues fast.
on 5/17/2019
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Really loved the December Box! Felt like a great luxury and gift for myself. Got it on a good black Friday sale, so it was well worth it!
on 12/30/2018
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I just got the mystery box from last month (there was an issue with shipments) they were super polite in explaining the situation. The box did ship out a month later, but was well worth it! It was jam packed with awesome stuff, I really loved it. Can't wait for December's Box!
on 12/21/2018
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Love this box! I first bought it when Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven was promoting it. I really liked the mix of pampering amd practical items. Each month it is a nice treat to get!
on 12/14/2018
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One of my favorite boxes! Fun and mew items to try out, always things I will use too. From snacks to jewelry to makeup and beach towels, they have a nice curation and it is fun have! A little pricey, but I like to treat myself dnd splurge. If I can pick up a 3 or 6 month sub on a good sale. I do. Makes it worth it!
on 12/3/2018
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What an absolute disappointment. Ordered this for my wife for xmas, one of many gifts, so got the December box. It contained really nothing that was of use for her, and felt the items we received were not close to the value of the 35 dollars I spent on it. It contained an eye shadow, which was probably the most expensive item, a floral calendar (really?), one packet of hot chocolate (again, really), a wooden spooned dipped in chocolate, and some very cheap looking earrings. Now lets break it down, the eye shadow, ok, my wife said she could use it on occasion. The calendar was a minisize, old ladies floral print calendar, something my grandmother would hang up. The one packet of hot chocolate from ghiradellis, great, but whats that really worth?. The wooden spoon dipped in chocolate, was a throw away item that you could find at candy store; and lastly the very ugly earrings. All in all, i would never subscribe to this, and I'm surprised at some of the ok to even good reviews on this.
on 12/27/2017
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Got my first Mommy Mailbox in March, It had a $50 eye-shadow palette!! OMG!! A whole box of tea, some art and handmade shaving cream. It was a fab box and worth $100!! Really great deal and great items. I am still with them, and loving every box!
on 6/22/2017