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We’ll deliver your Bento right to your door. You have four days to try everything on free of charge, and returns are insanely easy. Keep what you like; send back what you don’t. Shipping is free both ways, and there’s absolutely no commitment. Each box contains 4–6 wardrobe staples that might include dresses, separates, knits, or accessories (sizes 0P–16). Prices range from $110 for a chic work top to $325 for a statement dress."

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So underwhelmed with my first “Bento”. The packaging is exceptional and the customer service is great, but I specified “work from home”, “no prints or polyester” and “ black, navy, grey, white only if possible” (it should be if you look at their site). Prices are what they are - no surprises. I received a beige infinity scarf. Never. Firstly: beige?!? I’m platinum blonde and fairer than Bobbi Brown’s “Alabaster”. Beige is my color nemesis. Secondly: I have *never* nor will I ever wear an infinity scarf! They’re like dickies or open cardigans: what IS the point? You can make a loop with a real scarf and you can button or unbutton a cardigan. I received a white and brown patterned sleeveless blouse. I specifically asked for short and long sleeves only. And again: BROWN and PATTERNED. Also the lining was uncomfortable. Do you want to guess why? It was polyester. Next, two pairs of the same trousers (major vanity sizing as I would need a 0 and I’m normally a designer 4 or box-store 2) in olive. And they were cropped flares. My strong preference is for skinny or straight, possibly wide but NEVER flaired. Ugh. Two dresses. I have a lot of dresses as I work in fashion and used to have fancy desk jobs. I need clothing for my new student/work from home/urban errand runner lifestyle. Not a short, cuffed sleeve, textured and itchy dress or a faux wrap body-con burgund, cleavage (none here) baring, 3/4 sleeved stretch jersey nightmare. The worst of all was a long, synthetic, open (!) cardigan, ribbed and sheer, that was like the worst parts of Eileen Fisher mixed with Issey Miyake’s “Pleats Please” line. It had long pieces that are meant to be tied. No thank you. At least it was black. My stylist obviously didn’t take my requests or humor my quirks, which is absurd after I spent an hour placing over 20 items on my wishlist. None of them were included. The comments I left were very polite and constructive, but my lack of purchases must have gotten their attention as they’re sending me a second bento free (usually the first is free and then you pay $25 which you get back in credit if you buy anything - like a lot of subs.) If you need professional attire and aren’t especially choosy about color or fabric, try them out for free. Just be prepared size down and maybe try to reach out to your stylist personally right away. You can o just buy things from their sight, but often the items in a bento are no longer available or brand new, so you can’t exactly access everything without subscribing.
on 10/8/2017