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If you're a coffee drinker, then you know your day doesn't truly start until you can wrap your hands around that first steaming cup of liquid goodness. For many folks though, that daily ritual has turned into something dull and lifeless. MixCups believes your morning cup o' joe should always be exciting. MixCups is here to mix up your daily grind! Subscriptions range from $12.95 for 10 single cups a month, to $49.95 for 60. More and more folks are making the switch from brewing a whole pot of coffee to the convenience of brewing one cup at a time. The problem is that most of the boxes available in local stores contain 12 to 24 cups of the same exact coffee. Some boxes even contain 80 cups or more. Sure, you may get a great price per cup but you also get a box load of boredom! In the past, you either had to drink the same cup of coffee day in and day out or if you wanted a little variety, you had to buy multiple boxes that often went stale before you could finish them all. Today, you can choose MixCups and end the insanity! MixCups is here for the flavor seekers, the game changers, the ones who stop and smell the roses. MixCups are here for all those who agree that variety is truly the spice of life and seek more adventure in their daily coffee ritual. Lend us your mugs fellow coffee lovers, let us fill them to the brim with something new. Break free from the boredom and join us!

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March 2, 2015
I am an occasional coffee drinker and drink mostly tea. I tried the tea package and I loved the variety. I love being able to have a different tea each morning. It is a little bit on the pricey side but well so are K-Cups in general. I am trying the coffee one out next to see how I like it in comparison. So far so good!
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July 24, 2014
I would totally subscribe to this if they could get their price point down to $0.50 per k cup or less. Paying over a dollar for a single k cup is ridiculous.
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