Mister Ghost's Monthly Parcel of Evil Paper Goods
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Mister Ghost's Monthly Parcel of Evil Paper Goods


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Themes range from witches, ghosts, Halloween, mad science, time travel, killer robots, poisonous plants, eldritch libraries, retro space exploration, the art of villainy… if you enjoy our work, you will love Mister Ghost’s parcels. Parcel contents are unique each month — item designs are new and not in our store. Contents are designed to get used up around the time the next parcel is delivered, and have a retail value of at least $25 (based on our normal wares). Orders are processed on the 25th of each month and mailed over the course of the following week. If you subscribe after our billing has triggered, your order will be held (unbilled) until the next cycle triggers.

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Mms 20130621
incredibly well thought out. products are of excellent quality.
on 2/14/2016
sounds great
on 12/9/2015