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MerLady Box is filled with 5-7 mermaid themed bath, beauty, lifestyle and fashion items. These items are handpicked by the MerLady team to indulge your inner mermaid.

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Beware of Malady Boxe! It's really not a serious company because off all happened at this point (1st problem of stock, problem of adress (i think it's juste a false excuse and a youge joke ) 2nd and 3rd problems of stock, incredible delays...) but by the way, adds and newsletters are working well... I made a 3 mounth purchase and 4 months later never receive anything ! At this point I don't have a good opinion of my purshase and wonder if it's not a simple scam
on 9/9/2017
I tried MerLady out for a couple months when they first began and I wasn't impressed. Of course sub boxes get better as time goes on but even when I look at spoilers I'm glad I unsubbed. It's all stuff from Etsy, which I appreciate supporting small businesses, but it was always a lotion and shower product and then some impractical jewelry (a bracelet that hurt to put on and take off, earrings that fell apart). It's too much money for what you're getting - I could use that money and buy what I really want from Etsy on my own. The owners are so nice and offered me a replacement bracelet and are always on social media talking to customers but the boxes need more variety and a better value.
on 4/6/2017