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"For $60/month, you will receive a curated package of Five Four, Grand AC, or New Republic products. On average, you receive 2 items per month and every month is different. Plus, receive easy size exchanges, free shipping, and pause or cancel anytime."

The Basics

  • $60 Monthly
  • Ships to US, UK, and Canada
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Featured Review: Menlo Club Review + Coupon – The Comeback Kid

Review for Menlo Club Review + Coupon – The Comeback Kid
Tiffany Waldorf profile picture by Tiffany Waldorf on January 13, 2020

Perfectly layerable tops arrived in the "The Comeback Kid" box from Menlo Club! Read our review to see if it was a hit, and save with our coupon. Read more...

The Basics

  • $60 Monthly
  • Ships to US, UK, and Canada

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3.8 overall rating

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Aug 19, 2020
My fiance would love these items because its his,style and he needs a wardrobe update but hasn't subscribed to a box subscription and wish he could try it out and see how much he likes it so I can get the subscription for him and he can enjoy subscription boxes like I do which would be fun to share together.
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Jan 16, 2020
Unique styles, but low-quality products.

Dec 24, 2019
I ordered my box Dec 5 and got an email that it was shipped. When i tracked it the package wasnt moving or being updated. I chatted with someone who told me that the package hadn't even been shipped (dec 23!!!!) and that it was still in the warehouse. They said that I would get an email as soon as it was shipped, so today I got an email and it was exactly like the Dec 5 email. Package still not moving. It was a christmas present. I am very disappoint and a little nervous if this company is even Legit. I will wait, but I definately will give this subscription a low rating.

Jul 17, 2019
After reading some reviews on Menlo Club, I was skeptical. I ended up signing up when one of my friends told me he's a member and loves the clothes. I gave it a shot. I figured, I hate shopping but definitely have an outdated wardrobe so why not? Well... Definitely one of the better decisions I've made. The packages are great, come right to my door (literally), AND what people don't mention is that as a Club member, you also get an AUTOMATIC 25% Off on the Menlo House (which is their retail store for single products). Between the items and the discount, the membership is absolutely worth it.

Jun 18, 2018
After attempting a multitude of options including personal shoppers, trunk clubs, and more, I found Menlo Club. I knew them as Five Four, but it seems with the new branding came a revitalized product. I just signed up and got my first box. I love the fact that I got a shirt, shorts, and belt. For someone who is out of touch with fashion, the prescribed look saved me time and effort. Look forward to next month!

May 1, 2018
Very underwhelming. Clothes were of Target quality or so. Selected the Classic option hoping I would get a button-down and got a pair of jeans and a Henley. Seems pretty casual to me. Their jeans also have a standardized inseam which is a big pain. I'm not averse to rolling the cuffs but the inseam was so long they looked a little ridiculous. Jeans were also very thin and cheap feeling. Were the inseam not so long I would wear them, the wash is nice. I doubt they would hold up though. Alas, I'm getting the impression these style curating subscription services are a dart through and there is not someone there actually looking at your profile. I had a similar issue with Trendy Butler. For $20 (with the coupon code), it didn't break my heart and I'm not too terribly bummed for taking a shot, but this definitely isn't worth $60 a month. Shocker, it's way easier to just buy the clothes you want from the vendors you prefer.

Apr 24, 2018
WORST BOX EVER, most clothes came late and almost always in the wrong size, terrible consumer service, some clothes even came ripped and they refused to exchange it. the clothes that did come on time and in the right size were really weird outfits no normal person would wear too. Honestly one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, very disappointed.
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Apr 23, 2018
After previously using other boxes I was subscribed to the Menlo Club with hesitations, however, after the rebrand and new brands introduced to the package I couldn't be more excited. I love my packages and I really think the new concept of multiple brands is a great feature. Just got my new shoes and Grand AC clothes, LOVE THEM BOTH!

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