MEL Kids
MEL Kids is a monthly science subscription box for kids ages 5-9+ from MEL Science. Each of the MEL Science kits feature hands-on experiments that are enhanced by an interactive, AR (augmented reality)-powered lesson brought to life through the MEL Kids app.

The Basics

  • $24.90 per month
  • Ships to US
  • Founded in 2015
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Featured Review: MEL Kids Subscription Review – "Spring Force"

Review for MEL Kids Subscription Review – "Spring Force"
Brandi Dowell profile picture by Brandi Dowell on March 22, 2021

I loved how much this month's MEL Kids project inspired my daughter! She had so much fun testing out different surfaces and all of the educational information they provided coupled with the experiment was a perfect display of friction and how it works. I also liked that they encouraged her to add her own materials to the wheels to see how they worked. I always find that the knowledge sticks with them so much longer when it is hands-on and led somewhat by their own train of thought. The extra activities in the book and the VR portion were great ways to finish out our learning session. I feel like these boxes are really starting to hit their stride and I'm eager to see what our next box brings! Read more...

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The Basics

  • $24.90 per month
  • Ships to US
  • Founded in 2015

What We Love

  • Projects make complex subjects including electricity, outer space, energy, the human body, hydrodynamics, chemistry and physics accessible to younger kids. Even a 5-year-old can enjoy this monthly subscription box.

  • Each box includes a tie-in comic book to make the projects even more engaging for kids.

  • The AR lesson breaks down the science behind each project so your child will get a full understanding of what they’ve accomplished.

  • Materials are well-packed with detailed instructions, making it easy for kids and parents to make sense of the project.

  • Subscribers can incorporate the lessons into their homeschooling curriculum.

What You Should Know

  • A smartphone is needed for the AR component. You can use an iPhone, iPad or Android device. You do not need virtual reality goggles.

  • Boxes are not customizable.

  • There is no option to skip a month without canceling your subscription.

We Recommend MEL Kids If

  • Your child enjoys hands-on science experiments.

  • You’re a tech-forward family.

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5.0 overall rating


How much does MEL Kids cost?
Mel Kids costs $34.90 per month with free shipping in the U.S.
Can I buy individual MEL Kids boxes?
Mel Kids currently doesn’t offer individual boxes for sale on their website but per their FAQ, they may be added in the future.
Can I give MEL Kids as a gift?
Yes! To purchase a MEL Kids subscription as a gift, just go through the checkout process and include the recipient’s information in the shipping section.
What other subscriptions does MEL Science offer?
Aside from MEL Kids for ages 5-9+, there’s also MEL Physics for kids ages 8-14+ and MEL Chemistry for kids ages 10 and up. Unlike MEL Kids, which only offers an AR component, MEL Physics and Chemistry feature VR lessons. You’ll receive a VR headset in the starter kit that comes free with your first month of MEL Physics or Chemistry Kit subscription.

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