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Feb 6, 2018
I recently received a gift card to MeUndies as a Christmas present. My wife and I sat down to browse the website, and soon had an order together. It was for slightly more than the gift card so I entered my payment info and didn't realize when I completed the order there had been no slot to enter the gift card -- you are supposed to enter it onto your account in a separate area, I guess. I realized this as soon as the order finalized, and I sent an email within 5 minutes of the order explaining the situation to them and asking them if I could apply the gift card, or cancel my order. It was outside of their normal business hours, and the next email I got said it was too late to cancel the order, it had already been processed. Since then I've had several emails and a phone call with at least 3 different people who all insist I process a full return and reorder the exact same thing. This is a pain for me to do and costs MeUndies money to return the shipping and then pay to reship me the exact same thing, but they won't budge and insist we go through this process. I've been frustrated beyond even wanting my order at this point and just called the person who gifted me the card and offered them the code back for their own use. I will process their insisted return and forget about ever using their company again. If you enjoy their products, and maybe they are great I will never know, just make sure you don't make any mistakes at checkout or be prepared for a frustrating weeks long process where everyone loses.
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Oct 28, 2017
I unsubscribed after getting charged $14 customs/duties fees. It just isn't worth it on an already overpriced pair of ill-fitting underwear (and the company is doing nothing to rectify the situation...when all they have to do is charge the appropriate taxes at the point of sale!). The band always digs in so much, but the rest of the fabric is so loose (the waist band sizing doesn't seem to coordinate with the sizing of the rest of the underwear). They were super soft, and the designs were cute...but I found that I was never reaching for these pairs over my other "5 for $27" pairs from Victoria's Secret.
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Jan 14, 2017
My boyfriend got a subscription for me, guest he got the more boyish style, then more recently switched to the thong. They are always fun designs and soooo comfortable.