Margot Elena Discovery Box

Margot Elena Discovery Box


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Spoiler Alert! Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2019 – Spoiler #2!

"Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team. With your purchase you’ll be enrolled in our seasonal membership and receive a box of beauty every 3 months delivered to your doorstep as long as you remain a member."

Shipping: US only. Free shipping on orders of $50+

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This is the most wonderful box ever! The fragrances are so different and alluring, and the quality is excellent. I have never had a box in which I received so many products of high value for my money!
on 9/24/2018
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Well My Summer Box arrived damaged, in shipping I’m Assuming.The foot scrub they included I had a crushed lid which leaked the contents oils all over the other products. I contacted Customer Service and she shipped out another product to me quickly, but I was very disappointed because the oil was on the majority of the other things in the presentation was ruined. I hope the fall box will be an improvement. I was truly sad Because I had waited a whole season only to be disappointed in the presentation. I still think the products are amazing, and maybe Customer Service should’ve asked for the box back and shipped a new one to me, for future reference.
on 6/28/2018
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As soon as I went though my Spring Box I was daydreaming about what could be in my Summer Box to come. Talk about a subscription addiction! I can’t say how trilled I was with each and every Margot E. Product, I will order the skin care line now that I’ve had more then just a sample size to use for a couple months. It almost reminds me of shopping Crabtree Evelyn, only paying attention to natural ingredients in the products. I have a “Box Crush” I think and can’t wait until June for my Summer trills!
on 4/25/2018
I have to edit my review. I have had nothing but trouble and miscommunication from this company over the past few months. They kept telling me I needed to order the spring box, that the first subscription did not auto renew, so I did. Ended up with two subscriptions. Got them to cancel one, now can't log on to order add ons. Tried password reset, nothing. Days go by each time ... who has time for this? The products are lovely, design is great but if they can't manage to figure out customer service they're going to lose people. I'll just have to wait to see what happens next.
on 2/21/2018
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Loved the products that were curated for this first TokyoMilk Discovery box, except for the note cards. I personally will never use them so I've given them away. Otherwise, I loved everything I received in my Winter Box. But I do have two complaints. the first being that the shipping is NOT FREE on the subscription box! TokyoMilk offers free shipping on orders over $50, but their boxes are oddly only $49, so you get socked for the shipping. Also, their customer service is very slow in responding to messages and some items were missing out of previous orders.
on 12/22/2017
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Lovely new addition to beauty/personal care boxes ... knocks most out of the park. Curation is sublime. More than you could possibly think they would pack into a box, and layered so that just when you think you've unearthed every treasure, there are more. Little pouch and cards go with glitter stickers out of Flow's Paper edition ... you can gift out of this box and still have plenty left for yourself. Brava!
on 12/19/2017