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Makeupsy is a subscription box for women that sends you 4-5 full size, name brand, makeup and beauty products each month.

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This review is out-dated. They're now carrying Hikari, Bombshell and many other high-end brand name makeups. Looks like they re-launched.
on 2/21/2018
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This box is the worst! I thought for a monthly price like that they would send brand name cosmetics, or at least a nice variety of items, but they sent me a whole box of Hard Candy cosmetics sold at Walmart (this was the April box), with magnetic security stickers still attached like they just picked up a bunch of items from the shelf. I don't have prior experience with Hard Candy, but just by the looks of those eyeliners and eyeshadows you can tell you are holding garbage in your hands. I am not some prestige brand snob, but I've seen much better quality from e.l.f. and Wet'N Wild (let alone something like NYX). I don't know what to do with this box I got other than just throw everything out, and that's for $21. I don't know how this box got such a high rating above, and I have never before received a beauty box where I wasn't willing to use a single thing, but stick with Boxycharm, people!
on 4/26/2017