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"MakeCrate is a subscription box for kids and beginning makers that ships a new circuit building and coding project each month. Each kit is designed and tested to be kid-and-family-friendly, and includes everything you need to build a new project each month.

All projects use the Arduino Uno and IDE to introduce and reinforce engineering, electronics, and coding skills, including problem solving, troubleshooting, circuit design, algorithm development, and writing and testing code. Sensors and displays you'll learn to use and code include: LEDs, Buzzers, Push buttons, Photoresistors, Sound sensors, Moisture Sensors, Ultrasonic distance sensors, Real Time Clock modules, Motion sensor, LED matrix displays, LCD displays, and more.

Instructions are produced by a team of educators and are designed to ensure that directions are clear and concise. Projects undergo extensive user-testing to ensure that subscribers are successful. Subscribers also get access to an online community with video content and more."