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Magickal Fold offers 6 options: Crystals & Oils box (1-4 stones plus oils), Meditation Crystals box (1-3 stones), Moon Goddess box (guided moon phase rituals), Witchy Woman box (candles, herbs incense, oils, crystals and items for divination like tarot, runes, talismans, etc.), Magickal Moon Goddess box (4 subscriptions in one! Meditation crystals + Crystals & Oils + Moon Goddess + Witchy Woman), and Beginners Box.

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LOVE this subscription. So far, there have been no problems. Shipping is great, customer service is great, and they really make it a point to create a community for their members (facebook page, goodreads book group, etc). I subscribe to the crystals and oils box for under $15, which is a great price for a sub box. There's also a card enclosed to give you ideas for mediation and to guide you spiritually. I liked it so much I upgraded to the Witchy Woman box for $35. Every month you can vote for what the next theme should be. These are beautiful boxes!
on 12/6/2016
I have only received one box (so far) I liked it so much that I upgraded. I started with the crystals box, it came with 4 crystals with descriptions and I also got a bonus. They seem to be happy to chat with you and they have a group letter. They also have other plans that look very interesting and I would join in a flash but my box memberships are out of control (according to my husband). Also the box came fast.
on 10/22/2016