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Luxe Pineapple Post


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"Four or more full size beauty and beauty lifestyle items Occasionally we might include a deluxe sized/travel sized product if we think it's a must have. All LuxePineapple Post boxes are curated to a theme."

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So very was always my favorite sub box, and now .....nothing!!! I emailed at least 3 times and Elizabeth and Company was always spot on responding. I think they owe all of us whom have been loyal and paid for the subscription to at least address any delay/out of business/whatever is going on
on 7/31/2018
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tried to contact customer service - no response. Ordered back in June and still haven't received. Is anyone home?
on 7/27/2018
A- I've been subscribed to Luxe Pineapple for almost a year and lately the boxes have been losing their quality, but it's still my favorite sub box. I was always extremely excited to get my box each month but now I find myself thinking "hopefully I like one thing this month" because from the last 3 boxes I haven't kept a thing. They recently implemented Luxe Pineapple Home box so maybe they're stretching a bid thin? It's beauty, lifestyle, accessories etc. in each box which I appreciate because I like getting a mix each month. It used to seem like there was at least some variety between boxes and for a few months it felt like I was getting the same thing over and over - basically repetitive items from different small businesses. But the owner posted a survey for people to give their opinion on what they like/dislike about the sub, and it feels like there's more variety now (I'm not getting a bath soak every month!), so it's awesome that they really want to make sure we love our stuff!I do love that the brand is all about supporting small/local business, especially women-run/owned. They have an amazing rewards system I use often. You get points just for subscribing and points when you make a purchase in the store - I consistently redeem my points for coupons off store items (and you can use them on sub boxes/past favorite boxes sometimes too!). There was a shipping delay and everyone was given 500 points for their patience but that was the only issue I've had with the sub. Liz, the owner, is an extremely sweet and generous person - she knows my Facebook, IG, email and will ask me about my dogs - and is always responding to customers on social media. She's constantly posting giveaways and once I mentioned haircare on a post and she messaged me saying she was mailing me some haircare from her personal collection. She paid 2 day shipping and sent me literally a year's worth (of course I had to send her a gift back for all she's done for me and LP as a whole). There was an issue with the timing of a past favorites box (saying it was going to be posted at _ a.m but actually posted an hour before I believe?). I didn't see or hear about anyone complain on any social media but she created a whole new single purchase box for subscribers who missed it with new items. This is a brand with quality product who actually cares about what they're putting out and actually cares about their customers. I don't see myself cancelling any time soon!
on 4/6/2017
I've only gotten one one box so far, but I have been blown away by their customer service. They forgot to send me shipping notice for my December box, well forgot to ship it. So they quickly apologized, and also sent me a free November box for my troubles! On TOP of that they added 5000 points to my LuxePineapple account to use in the shop! They were quick to respond and went above and beyond.
on 1/6/2017