Luna For You
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Luna For You


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Luna For You is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you 5 to 6 beauty products, sample or full-sized, including a different accessory in each box.

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has been canceled
on 1/20/2015
I had this box for 3 months. I do not recommend it at all for adults. It's all dollar store (nyc &wet n wild) or discontinued makeup. If anything is damaged, they do not replace it,they say they will send something extra in your next box but never do. It's no where near ipsy or birchbox.
on 1/11/2015
subscribed recently now their webpage is down, a little concerned about whether I'm getting a box or not.
on 12/9/2014
This sub is AWFUL! I got 1 box that was shipped in an envelope with 4 items (cheap bad for u items!) like la girl, la colors, drugstore bottom shelf brands. I immediately cancelled but they're still trying to bill me so I had to cancel my card. BEWARE!
on 12/7/2014
I have finally just received my Luna For You box for October (and it is November). As I have seen on various reviews and videos my box was damaged. Products were broken, I wasn't pleased... All though all the products were full size, they just weren't things that I can use, also when trying to look up prices of items, they were discontinued or non existent. The customer service is horrible. When ever you try to get a hold of them, you don't get a reply and when you do, its broken English and slightly rude. I wouldn't recommend the box. I have unsubscribed, which took FOREVER since you have to do it by email since they changed their website.
on 11/4/2014
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on 10/27/2014