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Loot Crate is a monthly subscription for geeks and gamers. Each month they send 4+ items from your favorite pop culture franchises - including a t-shirt every month and more licensed and exclusive items. Expect collectibles, gear, figures and more – $45+ value in every crate

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    What is Loot Crate?

  • Loot Crate is a monthly subscription “for geeks and gamers.” Loot Crate sends out licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more. They send out a lot of exclusive items that you can't buy anywhere else. They promise over $45 value in every crate.

    Is Loot Crate worth it?

  • Loot Crate is worth it if you're looking for exclusive geeky items that you can't buy in the store at the time of shipment. Be sure to check on current Loot Crate Spoilers to make sure that month is worth it to you.

    When does Loot Crate ship?

  • Loot Crate ships between the 17th-20th every month. Sign up before the 19th at 9PM PT to get that month's themed box.

    What kind of items will Loot Crate send me?

  • Loot Crate sends out licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more. They send out a lot of exclusive items that you can't buy anywhere else. They promise over $45 value in every crate.

    How do I contact Loot Crate's customer care?

  • You can contact them by filling out this form

    How much does Loot Crate cost?

  • Loot Crate is $13.95 a month with a $6 shipping charge for a month-to-month plan.
    A 3-month plan is $57.75 every 3 months (you save $2.10).
    A 6-month plan is $113.70 every 6 months (you save $6).
    A 12-month plan is $215.40 every 12 months and includes a free Loot Crate shirt (you save $24).

    When does Loot Crate charge me?

  • Loot Crate charges you at the time of signup and then the same date each month based on the signup date.

    How do I cancel Loot Crate?

  • You can cancel your subscriptions online in your "My Account' section in the top right corner of the website.

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I finally just cancelled every subscriptions with them. I have subscribed for years. It's been a hassle often with missed crates and bad sizing but overall I had a good deal from black Fridays , so I kept them. It's November and I have put in 3 tickets asking where my October crates are. People have reviewed them so where is mine? I would get the response, you already asked this question. I know!!! Answer it! I would get the run around . They said my crate was shipped to the wrong address, that I'd given them a wrong address. What? For years I've been at the same address and one month you send it somewhere else and try to blame me?!?! The customer service is so bad I took screenshots to prove how ridiculous it is. I have in my calendar every month to call them and ask where my crates are. I've had to do this every month. They say you'll get tracking info but that has happened maybe 4 times. If you have the time and energy to contact them monthly then go for it. I'm fed up and cancelled every subscription.
on 11/13/2018
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Have been a loot crate subscriber in the past. So i subscribed to their Star Trek Crate, and they charged me twice for it without sending anything. So of course i inquired with customer service. One the rare occasion they responded, They ignored my questions while providing stock responses to keywords in my questions(not the actual questions) The quality has suffered and i'm taking a guess to say i will probably never get my 80$ back since they refused my request for a refund since they has not sent any of the boxes.
on 10/9/2018
Plumeria maui hawaii
Got a one year sub to Lootcrate. Ordered it Labor Day 2017 on a wicked sale. I got my first box in November, Seemed fine, as I thought perhaps they were backed up. Fast forward a year now, and I have only received 8 boxes, not 12 that I paid for. Only 8. They just charged my credit card again last week. I have emailed them about 5 times, no response other than their auto response of we are looking into it and will get back to you. Check out their twitter, loads of mad people on there with the same issue.
on 9/16/2018
No Photo
I have been a subscriber to Lootcrate for over 2 years. In the beginning I adored this subscription box. We'd oftentimes get Funko Pops or other top notch Vinyl figures. As of last year, their quality has significant declined. I got a 12 month sub as a gift for my birthday and will not be re-upping the sub once it runs out. I have since decided to get the Deadpool Box and Risky Business bundle which I believe has the value and quality that I once got from the original Lootcrate. It doesn't help that they consistently raise their prices yet the quality continues to decline. I wouldn't suggest getting this box. However, I would recommend some of their other products.
on 7/22/2018
I ordered May's loot crate, loot wearables, and I tried to order loot for her. All that happened when i did that is there site glitched out charged me twice and didnt say i even ordered the loot for her. So naturally i emailed their customer service. Well after going back and fourth with them it's been almost 2 months they didnt give me my money back and i still dont have a single crate from them. So essentially they took about $70 from me with nothing to show for it. Luckily my bank had amazing customer service, I explained to them what happened and they gave me my money back. But I had to go with out a bank card for a week because they had to cancel it and thank god they did. After all that loot crate, even though I skipped the next month still tried to charge me ANOTHER $70 worth of stuff. I have all the emails and bank statements to prove all of this. Lootcrate is an absolute RIP off.
on 6/27/2018
Extremely dissappointed . For A “deadpool” box , the moment I opened it I knew I made a mistake in buying, I was a custormer a few years back and always bought lootcrate products, ( When they cared about us ). This TRASH I RECIEVED is worth 6 dollars total and very boring . Until they fix their corporate greed, many others Like me wont buy again .
on 6/11/2018
Tumblr ofjnlalqkt1v7vab2o1 500
Loot Crate ... More like Loot Wait. The delays are beyond ridiculous.
on 3/31/2018
Between the core Loot Crate and the Loot Gaming Crate, I have been a subscriber for a while. Additionally I have purchased gift subscriptions for the Star Trek Crate and the upcoming Fallout crate. Plus countless limited edition and one time purchase crates (man, looking back, I have given them a lot of my money). All of that is about to change. I have never really been disappointed with the quality of any crate. Sure, there have been a few months here and there that have not really hit my interest, but that is what you can expect from a mystery subscription box. Plus the things I am not interested in always find someone in my house who is, so nothing ever really goes to waste. Again, great quality. My problem with Loot Crate is they seem to be unable to serve their customers like they used to. Perhaps they outgrew themselves and are struggling to keep up with demand, I don't know. It seems like I get an email every month from them to tell that my crate will be shipped late. October, November, and (as of this morning) December have all either been or are being shipped late. Both the gift subscriptions I purchased were shipped late (The Fallout Crate was suppossed to be a Christmas gift, but now it is looking like it might not arrive until mid January). This has been disappointing and consistent.
on 12/29/2017
I've been getting Loot Crate for quite a while, even been getting the Firefly exclusive boxes X2 (one for me and one for my daughter) and between the declining quality and the horrendous shipping fiascos I'm about to cancel all my subscriptions. It's just not worth all the money I toss them every month.
on 12/23/2017
No Photo
Lootcrate is very hit or miss. Most of the figurines are good qualtiy. The T-shirt sizing is all over the place. Most of the XLs are loose on me, but the Bladerunner shirt was an XL for a child at best. Will probably not renew.
on 12/19/2017