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Lola Beauty Box is a beauty brand subscription box. Every month we send 4-5 Full Size Beauty Items that includes makeup, nail care, skin care, and hair care, and more.

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NEVER IN MY LIFE have I ever dealt with WORSE customer service. Like most people I never received my Kokie Contour Palette in my January box due to some issues with their distribution center. Things happen, that was fine, so I sent an e-mail as instructed to let them know that I never received my palette. They sent an e-mail back stating I would receive it in my February Box... after checking the spoilers for the February box I decided I did not want that month's box so I went ahead and sent them an e-mail and let them know that I was canceling so how would I go about getting my palette from January? They responded with a generic e-mail (I'm assuming because it didnt directly address my situation) that said, "Your palette will be in your February box and if you are not receiving a February Box then it will ship seperately." So I figured I had to wait until the boxes were shipped, which was already kinda lame so a couple weeks later I sent another e-mail stating that I had never received my palette and I got the SAME GENERIC E-MAIL back stating it would arrive in my Feb box or it would ship separately... if I wasnt getting a February box...... and that was the last time they answered me.. I have sent several e-mails and left comments on their social media since then, explaining my situation and also talking with others who hadnt received their palettes either. Our comments were deleted, my messages/e-mails and comments still went unanswered and yesterday they completely BLOCKED ME FROM INSTAGRAM!!! I'm gonna assume what happened here. They ran out of palettes and instead of addressing the issue they just decided to ignore us until we go away. Well thats fine LOLA, keep my money, dont make it right, but I will make sure that no one I know will subscribe from you. This is not how you handle a business and shame on you guys for blocking me, instead of just explaining whatever happened on your end. ZERO STARS FOR LOLA BEAUTY!
on 3/7/2018
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My box has a tester. Seriously. The contour palette had a label that they ripped off, wrecking the box and inside the palette it is marked "tester not for resale" in large red letters. Finger marks in it too. I am so grossed out. I emailed them and finally got a reply 4 days later. I am offered points but I tell them I expect a refund since I have cancelled and points are useless. They tell me to ship the box back and don't even provide a shipping label, so this is at my expense. The cost from Canada would be silly. I would avoid this subscription box at all costs. Horrible customer service and totally disgusting to sell me a tester.
on 9/10/2017
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I received my first box from Lola BB and I have to say that I am very pleased with the selection and quality of items I have received. The Crown Brush and Nuxe Lip Balm are my favourite, but everything is going to be useful. So far I've also been happy with their customer service. I contacted them with two questions and they responded pretty quickly. I hope they can keep this up.
on 2/25/2017
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Horrible box. I subscribed to this box from their first launch. They overcharged me (founding members were given 10%off for life) The 2nd box was all sample sized items. They lied about the value and the sizes! When i emaild the company they ignored my emails. Shady company. Has the potential to be good, but they arent there.
on 2/9/2017
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I've tried other subscription boxes (Ipsy, Beauty Army, etc) and this is by far the best one! I've gotten full size eyeshadow pallets and lotions, brush sets, falsies, you name it. If there is a sample size of anything, it's a larger size that I can use more than once. Definitely recommend this subscription over the others out there.
on 1/22/2017
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This is a newer subscription service and I'm really happy with it. The products exceeded the cost and their customer service was wonderful. I'll definitely keep this going. Highly recommended.
on 1/13/2017