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Every month, Le Parcel sends you period products, plus chocolate and a gift (past gifts have been cosmetic and skin care samples, chapstick, jewelry, and watches).

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I think they changed the box. I clicked on it and it is now just tampons for 12/month free shipping.
on 10/4/2016
I never even received my very first box, and had to email several times to finally get my money back. I then immediately cancelled it. Sounds like they have a long way to go in the shipping/customer service areas!
on 7/4/2016
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Like others have said, mine was super late shipping, even though the ship date was listed on the website. I used the feedback form on the site to ask about my shipment, and because of the way it was set up, I'm not even sure if my query submitted or not. Needless to say, I did not receive an e-mail about its lateness, and neither was there an explanation when it finally arrived. The pantiliners I ordered arrived loose in the package, exposed & covered in bits of cardboard from the box -- very unsanitary, so I had to throw them out. The gourmet chocolates promised were 3 Ghirardelli squares. I think the packer tried to make up for how awful the box was by sending me a fancy bonus item, which was a watch that I looked up online to see retailed for over $70, but it was just thrown in the box in a cheap plastic film, with nothing written about it (and it wasn't even my style -- phooey!).
on 12/24/2015
I was looking forward to this box, but it STILL hasn't arrived. According to the account page, the package shipped on the 10th and should have arrived by the 15th. Except, when you click the track package link, the label was printed on the 22nd (12 days after the package shipped???) and still hasn't been delivered to the post office as of today (25th). I've emailed five times, no response. I'm beginning to think I'll never receive this box.
on 9/25/2015
I never received my first box that was supposed to be mailed 19 days ago. Needless to say Aunt Flo has been and gone. I only received one email reply to my "where is it?" email and that took 5 days. They promised to let me know as soon as they heard back from the shipping department. It's now been 7 days since that response and I just cancelled it. I hope to receive a refund, but I'm not holding my breath.....
on 5/19/2015
I got my first package today, finally. I'm 50/50 on it, but plan to give it 1 or 2 more months to see. I really love the idea of this service, and while I estimated item values below, the value for me will be knowing that I'll get a little surprise and some necessities around my least favorite time of the month. But, worrying about whether or not the package will come removes some of that value. I received the necessary items, but the pads weren't in any sort of packaging or envelope, I was surprised by that. I didn't look for a value on those. I received 1 Knot and 2 Lindor truffles (est. ~$3.50, based on Walmart prices for a 20-count package of the Lindor, but prices varied a bit), a 2.5oz Bloke Green Tea and Sea Salt body scrub (est. $4.67), a coupon code for Bloke and 1oz Puur Pink Grapefruit body oil (est. $2). One thing that should be mentioned is that Le Parcel website says "gluten-free chocolates", and Lindor chocolates can't claim that, according to Lindor's website. So far I have to say I'm not impressed with their customer service. I sent an email about the package being late and could I change my "date" to a week earlier. I've received no response. Their Facebook page hasn't been updated since end of February. I'll probably sign up for the other one too and see which one I like better, if either. The other one has complaints against it also.
on 5/1/2015
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DO NOT SUBSCRIBE! They literally only send you $0.30 worth of chocolates now! The only "gifts" I've ever received were a few SAMPLE SIZE beauty products and cheap hair ties. They are a complete rip off! Look at bonjour jolie instead.
on 5/1/2015
The code says it's invalid...
on 3/6/2015
The latest deal that was posted mentions that it expires at the end of the month, but the site has it as invalid. I was really interested in checking out this box, especially because of my busy schedule. So I loved it when I saw the deal, however it is not working?
on 3/4/2015
FYI They are sending out Fake MAC, beware
on 9/7/2014