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Pampering just got a lot easier! Receive 4-5 non-toxic products every month. LaRitzy will be sending you everything from luxurious skincare to exceptional haircare products. LaRitzy will even send you a few bonus samples. Join now and get in on the goodies!

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I REALLY liked the LaRitzy box before they launched their own line, because it used to be a great mix of different types of beauty products - heavily featuring skincare. I mean, the skincare products were DIVINE. However, when they launched their own makeup line, the box has become solely LaRitzy makeup products. Which is all well and good, except I loved their previous box so much that I bought a 12-month subscription before they announced the change. And they do not offer any kind of refund for pre-paid subscriptions (despite the drastic overhaul in box content). So I've been really disappointed with that. I'm sure the products are great, but I already have my makeup needs taken care of by other boxes. It's really frustrating to know that as soon as I get the bag for the 6 remaining months of my subscription that I'm going to have to list the whole thing up for swap immediately. I feel like there should have been an option for subscribers who had purchased the 3- or 12-month subscription prior to the overhaul of the LaRitzy subscription box, simply as a courtesy given the drastic change of product content.
on 9/21/2016