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KLUTCHclub Women


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KLUTCHclub Women is a monthly fitness and health subscription box for women. Products included range from fitness DVDS, to healthy snacks, and beauty products. The monthly box costs $10 a month plus $8 shipping. Save $2 a month with annual subscription ($8 a month with $8 shipping).

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This box has been renamed to Bestowed, and is still offered apparently.
on 6/15/2015
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I tried them once, I think it was a Groupon, and was VERY happy with what was in my box. Will be signing up for regular shipments again once the other box I'm on has run through the year I paid for.
on 7/16/2014
Second the terrible customer service. My first box had a powder drink mix that arrived with the seal opened. I emailed to request a new product and was told that it's safe to drink! I refused to drink a product with an opened safety seal and they offered me a discount off my next box as compensation when I pushed the fact that an OPENED FOOD PRODUCT is not safe. Forget that! Unsubbed and unimpressed.
on 3/28/2014
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Terrible customer service I received a box from them, and one of the items, a can of soda, had exploded. The box was soaked and a number of items were ruined. I contacted Klutch through their website which stated it would take 2-3 business days for a response. Two weeks later I heard nothing, and I left another message. Its been over a month and nothing. Don't waste your time
on 3/26/2014