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Jun 15, 2022
"Great Idea, Get to Try new things, but the $ subscription cost is not there, disappointing"
I would agree with J HOOK's review regarding value. I've received 2 boxes and neither one have come close to the $39.99 charge, at most $22.00. based solely on that I think this subscription is not worth it because the value isn't there. now as far as taste, I would have to disagree most of the items I have received taste delicious, though I will say some just aren't worth the carbs. I do like that i can try new items and find more keto friendly brands but like I stated before the valve just isn't there. this month my box was roughly worth $22, had I chosen to buy everything individually I would have ALL full size items including the (6) ct. bar packs and would have paid a couple dollars more if that. Keto Krate needs to go back to the drawing board for their pricing structure. I have had many subscriptions over the years and all have equaled or surpassed what I paid in the monthly subscription. For that reason alone I will be cancelling.
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Apr 1, 2022
"Excited for what was to come. Disappointed with what I received. "
I purchased the March 2022 box as I have been doing Keto for the past 2 months and thought I’d give it a try. Overall, the user experience from ordering to delivery was seamless. When the order arrived I was disappointed by the number of items I received for $39.99. Not only did I feel that the quantity of items was pretty low for the subscription fee being charged but the quality of the items selected was questionable. Out of the items I received nearly 75% were inedible. There’s a lot of great Keto foods out there and I can honestly say that the items provided in the March 2022 box we’re on the “tastes like cardboard” spectrum. I would say that for the value, just order your favorite Keri foods from Amazon and have them delivered straight to your door over using this service.
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Jan 31, 2017
Love this box. Have been doing keto for years and I get products that I have never heard of or tried. You also get coupon codes on the card in the box. A good thing to know is that only choose products that use naturally derived sweeteners. Every product is truly ketogenic. Side note- I have gotten 3 boxes and all 3 have contained a different brand of sugar free chocolate. Score!