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KarePax is a monthly mystery box of 10-13 snacks from around the world plus a 2 independent comic books. International shipping is extra based on country.

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May 17, 2016
Where this box is fun, they are horribly late every time and do not appear to be running a stable business. Ordered my 3 month subscription in early december, received one box mid march. Haven't received another. I will not renew my subscription as I feel it is possible they will close up shop and not issue refunds. They will answer messages quickly, always assuring boxes will be sent soon, but they take down all comments and messages so others do not know they are unable to handle thier current subscriber orders. And since the box was so late, some of the products were past best by dates. It is a shame, cus the box was fun to receive, but the business is not ran well to make it a worthwhile endeavor. I don't recommend risking it. They continue to take new orders, but need to prove capable of meeting the current ones each month, on time first.
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March 27, 2015
I just got my first box yesterday and I am impressed!! I've subscribed to numerous snack boxes and so far, this box is the biggest. It was pretty heavy too and I expected a drink in there due to the heft (but there wasn't, which is fine.) I like that it ships from the US so no long wait. Given that it's US based, I love that they send the UK Cadbury and not the US Cadbury! Hooray! I do wish I could eliminate receiving any US snacks since I can so easily get them. I also love the comics. It stated that 2 will be sent but I actually got 4 and I requested kid friendly for my daughter. They certainly were! They are relatively new box so I'm hoping this quality keeps up! I subscribed to a 3 month subscription because I had a coupon cod.
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