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Jouer Le Matchbox


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Each selection is determined by responses to our quiz, providing you with an assortment of full size Jouer essentials most flattering for your coloring and suitable for your skin type. Each curated box is accompanied with a mini magazine providing product details and application tips. This is a quarterly subscription box.

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I just got my first Jouer box, and I couldn't be happier with the value and curation. It's almost as good as the old Blush boxes.
on 4/21/2015
I had wanted to try this subscription service because I have visited their web-site before. I think a beauty magazine's web-site recommended one of their products. I think their products are natural. I know they have a few lipsticks without Lead or Carmine. I e-mailed the company to ask them when a consumer's account is billed. The response I received was that one has to subscribe first. I think the fair thing to do is bill the customer when their products leave to be shipped. Does anyone else have any answers, ideas, or opinions for my question and dilemma? Thanks for your time to share your point of view on this subject. Yours Truly, Kristen Reid
on 4/5/2015