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The JerkyXP GamerPack is a subscription box for gamers that sends you a box of beef jerky every month, ranging from 2-9 packs of jerky depending on the level of subscription that you purchase. There are 4 levels of subscriptions, Recruit/$19.99, Pro/$29.99, Master/$49.99, Prestige/$89.99. Every GamerPack has a random surprise bundled inside of it ranging from stickers, wristbands, shirts, extra jerky, gaming accessories and many other random gaming surprises! On top of that each subscription enters you into winning the monthly giveaway called the XpansionPack, valued at over $1000 in gaming accessories. Also the master and prestige GamerPacks give you a taste tester perk where you get to try the new flavors before they are released to the public!

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