Japan Okashi Box

Japan Okashi Box


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"Japan Okashi Box is a monthly subscription box for everyone who craves Japanese snacks. We deliver a monthly snack box full of Authentic Japanese snacks, treats, and candy from Japan. Each box contains a great selection of Japanese treats and snacks. We also include a bonus gift such as Japanese stationery in each box! Our mission is to delivery happiness from Japan to everyone who is eager to enjoy authentic Japanese taste and culture.
Each box comes with:

  • -15-20 Great selection of Japanese Snacks
  • -1 Surprising Gift(selected carefully every month)
  • -Guide that details each product's flavors, allergens, and ingredients.
  • -FREE worldwide shipping
  • -The option to pause or cancel anytime

  • - Month to Month Price: $39
  • - 3 Months Prepay Price: $37 x 3 = $111
  • - Please get 5% discount with the 3 months subscription!"

Shipping: Free

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