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Japan Crate is a monthly candy and snack subscription box! The company’s HQ is based in Tokyo, where they handpick unique candy, snacks, drinks, DIY kits, and more. Each box contains between 5-20 full-size candies and snacks that are difficult or impossible to find outside of Japan for as low as $12/month.

Japan Crate comes in three sizes. The Mini ($12 per month) contains 5 items, the Original ($25 per month) contains 10 items and a DIY kit, and the Premium ($35 per month) contains 18-20 items and includes a drink, DIY kit, and LE bonus item.

The Japan Crate family of subscription boxes includes Japan Crate (candies and snacks from Japan), Doki Doki Crate (kawaii lifestyle items from Japan), Kira Kira Crate (beauty items from Japan), Umai Crate (noodles from Japan) and Gacha Gacha Crate (capsule toys from Japan).

Shipping: Worldwide! For full list of countries and additional shipping info: japancrate.com/shipping

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No Photo
Just got my first box and I'm blown away at how delicious the snacks were! Looking forward to next month!
on 9/9/2019
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I shared my box with the family and they loved it! Thank you!
on 9/8/2019
No Photo
So much fun to get new treats every month from japan.
on 9/5/2019
No Photo
Love my box so much!
on 9/2/2019
No Photo
The boxes come with very tasty snacks, each snack having its own unique flavor.
on 9/1/2019
No Photo
This box brings back good memories from when I lived in Japan.
on 8/26/2019
No Photo
My box arrived fast. For the price paid, I am so happy! This box allows me to try authentic Japanese snacks that I wouldn't normally be able to find where I live.
on 8/25/2019
No Photo
Love experiencing differnt cultures, so subscribing to this box was perfect.
on 8/22/2019
No Photo
Boxes always come with tasty snacks directly from Japan.
on 8/19/2019
No Photo
Excellent selection!
on 8/18/2019