IPSY Glam Bag ($12 per month) is one of the most popular and affordable. our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus a cute makeup bag. IPSY is personalised to your individual profile when you take their onboarding quiz, but what you’ll receive in your monthly glam bag is still a surprise. We recommend starting with the $12 Glam Bag, but devotees may want to try the $25/month Glam Bag Plus or the $55/quarter Glam Bag X for more full-sized beauty products.

The Basics

  • $12 per month
  • Ships to US and Canada
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $50+ per box
  • 5 items in each monthly bag
  • Sample, deluxe sample, and full-size items
per month

Featured Review: Ipsy February 2021 Review: THISWORKS, Basic Beauty, and More

Review for Ipsy February 2021 Review: THISWORKS, Basic Beauty, and More
Taryn Lowman profile picture by Taryn Lowman on February 25, 2021

This month's Ipsy Glam Bag was filled with a unique mix of products. We started out strong with the February bag, and what a beauty it was! It is so lightweight, well-made, and feels so chic yet delicate. The other big winner for me this month was that I finally have found my primer. I never thought I would say those words, but the Camera Close-Up has sold me that primers can work with my skin. It paired so nicely with my new cream foundation and left me with a dewy glow without having to reapply any foundation throughout the day. Both masks were an easy and relaxing way to give my skin a quick boost, and they both left me feeling hydrated and kept some breakouts at bay. The setting powder didn't seem to work well with my dry skin right now, but I really appreciated how light it felt going on. I am going to try it again in a few months when I am way less dry. The toner was another lovely product that made me rethink how toners are used. This one left me feeling hydrated and my skin prepped for all of my other wonderful products. I will say that I was a bit bummed to see that there was a retail value of $32.60. While that is an amazing value on a $12.00 bag, they do list on the information card that there is a $50+ value inside. I really enjoy testing new products, so if you are someone that wants to try high-quality items without getting a ton of products each month and at a great value, then this is for you! This was only my second time receiving this bag so I am really excited to see what March has in store!  Read more...

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The Basics

  • $12 per month
  • Ships to US and Canada
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $50+ per box
  • 5 items in each monthly bag
  • Sample, deluxe sample, and full-size items

What We Love

  • At just $12, the IPSY Glam Bag is one of the most affordable beauty subscription boxes. But while its price is low, IPSY is one of our faves because it also packs a great value.
  • Personalization. The products you get are selected based on the skin tone, eye & hair color, makeup expertise, & style you set when you sign up. It's not a perfect system, but for $12 it really can’t be beat.
  • All IPSY members can log in and choose one of their products before their bag ships—this is called IPSY Choice.
  • There’s a new makeup bag or pouch in every box! They’re usually the perfect size for tucking in your purse, & the cute designs are fun to show off.
  • They have a great loyalty program: earn points and redeem them for even more beauty products.

What You Should Know

  • Some products you get will be from high-end names like Tarte, Too Faced, and Glow Recipe but others will be smaller brands or even notable drugstore products.
  • IPSY Glam Bag usually only sends 1-2 full-size items—the rest are deluxe samples.
  • IPSY doesn't guarantee specific items will be sent to all subscribers, since it's customized to each person's preferences.

We Recommend IPSY If

  • You love trying out the latest makeup & skincare.
  • You’re new to beauty & want an affordable way to experiment with new products.
  • You’re new to beauty boxes—this is a great and affordable subscription to start with!

How Do Subscribers Rate Ipsy?

Star Rating Overview

4.1 overall rating

User Reviews

Mar 4, 2021
"Good Luck Receiving Package"
What a disappointment. Ipsy uses USPS, so your packages may or may not show up. You’re advised to wait 45 DAYS before reporting that you did not receive your bag. It’s a real sh*t show, honestly. The content of the bag is not bad, but the bag itself is a cheap little thing that is probably produced for 25 cents. Planned to continue this for a year (my daughter’s Christmas present) but I cancelled and will take her to Sephora instead.

Mar 2, 2021
"Good for starting over a collection"
I've been out of the makeup, skincare, and general selfcare game since I was a teen, but I decided to get back in now that I'm in my mid 20s. Ipsy has been a cost effective way to experiment and rebuild from ground zero. Everything has changed and I'm def playing catchup on trends and research. But Ipsy helps. And, on average, I'm saving 50 - 60% on products I actually like - even when I factor in the prices of the ones I don't like. So not bad. I've liked the experience so far, but the "match system"- or whatever they call it - is totally rigged. Everything I've DESPERATELY wanted I didn't get the option to grab or have them put it in my bag... unless I bought it as an add on. Still, the discounts are cheap enough for me not to complain too too much. With the bundles it's not always worth it though, so do the math, obv. The shipping time is awful. But I'll stick with it for a while. But prob not a super longterm thing for me, I'm not that into the clutter.

Feb 26, 2021
When it comes to the products and the price, I was very pleased. However over the course of time, and the longer I’ve had my subscription, the worst customer service has got. This month, it took me six emails, each with more frustration, to get a response as to when my box will ship. After the 6th email, I told them that I am very angry with the lack of communication and have chosen to cancel my subscription. Moments later I got an email saying that there was an issue with my purchase and I am getting refunded in full (we will see...). This month I ended up purchasing a lot of add-ons that I was super excited for and now they are not arriving. In the past two months, I have had missing items in my box and have attempted to contact them. They stated that they would be issuing a refund because the items were no longer in stock and the refund never came. it’s definitely a 50-50 risk with this company. Sometimes you will be delivered exactly what you purchased and other times you’ll get screwed. It really just depends.

Feb 25, 2021
I signed up with Ipsy in January 2021 on a whim. I'm thinking it will be a choice I regret. My Glam Plus bag was supposedly shipped 2/4/21. However, tracking says it's supposedly been sitting in NC since the day of shipment. The website says you have to wait for your bag for 15 business days. I contacted them today (business day 24; on my calendar it's 2/25/21). Their response, after waiting 3 weeks... "I’ve issued a replacement order to your current address. You’ll get a tracking number via email once your package leaves our warehouse (now within 10-15 business days due to the current circumstances of COVID-19). In addition, I’ve double-checked your account and your Add-On, KITSCH Satin Sleep Scrunchies is out of stock. So sorry about that! I’ve gone ahead and issued a $3.20 refund for your order. You should see your funds returned to your account in 5-7 business days." Are you kidding me??!! I now have to wait 2 weeks for my replacement order to SHIP? (Any other business I've dealt with would expedite the shipment overnight, given the situation!) They don't have the hair scrunchies I wanted, and I have to wait a week for that credit to hit my account!! I better be blown away by this bag, should it ever arrive, or Ipsy will be history for me!

Feb 20, 2021
"Not available in Canada" for their shopping items...phhhffft come on! ITS 2021.
Profile image for Lacey

Feb 17, 2021
I've been really enjoying this subscription. I wish I could opt out of the bags because I don't really have a good use for them, but I've been really surprised at the products I've gotten (and loved) for just $12. Clara's NYC rosehip facial oil is a new favorite!
Profile image for Lindsay

Feb 16, 2021
The February box was so unremarkable after I paused my subscription for two months. I hate getting lip liner because I never use it. It's almost weird that sub boxes are even sending lip products since covid has made lipstick pointless. The blush and eyeshadow were no hype brands and the brush was cheap. I'd be happy with another Luxie brush at this point. This will be the one that makes me cancel. It was such a cheap box.

Feb 7, 2021
Love it
Profile image for Deanna

Feb 3, 2021
Cancelled my subscription because of money issues got a email saying that I can pick out my products for the month. Check the site my account says not active but I was charged for this months and my next box is March. Contacted customer service and they told me they are behind with orders and they know I'm going to be exited for the box. I told them that I can't cancel because I'm inactive I didn't have the money for this box but I'm getting charged and going to be changed for the boxes. She said she was sorry and she cancelled but wanted to know if I still wanted the box. I told her sent it besides I already paid for it right

Feb 2, 2021
Well hello! I have been trying to write a review to let everyone know how horrible and defeating it is to get a hold of customer service and receive a refund or at least tbe products. You see, I haven't received anything since NOVEMBER but have been charged, oh yes they take your $$ even if they get a return to sender. I changed my address but apparently it's not so easy as you have to do a process, I did change both billing and mailing, nope it wasn't updated. It had nothing to do with the products, they are great, it's the customer care..trust me IPSY Does NOT CARE about you as they care they charge your account every month and how to cancel? Idk..I've tried and it's just pushing you to skip a month .. WORST company ever, really. I've done Fabletics, kind of same thing but with workout clothing, great customer service, a phone number to call and they allow skipping too and has never been a problem to cancel for anyone. I've contacted them via email, insta, messenger and nothing resolved. Do not refer or continue with this company as they keep charging accounts after awhile and send nothing.
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Does IPSY Glam Bag send full-size beauty products?
IPSY Glam Bag typically sends 1-2 full-size products per box, curated alongside 3-4 deluxe sample sizes. However, the IPSY Glam Bag Plus ($25/month) sends 5 full-size beauty products per month, and IPSY Glam Bag X ($55/quarter) delivers 7-8 full-size products.
What types of beauty products does IPSY send?
A wide variety! You can expect to see cosmetics like lip gloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer, and highlighter, as well as skincare items such as moisturizer, cleanser, oils, and serums. You might also find hair products or other goodies nail polish in there!
Does IPSY let me choose what comes in my box?
IPSY Glam Bag members get to choose 1 item per box. This is called Choice. You’ll be offered 10 products to choose from, and after you’ve made your selection, IPSY will fill out the rest of your box with surprise items to complement your choice, based on the answers to your beauty quiz. Glam Bag Plus ($25/month) members get to choose 3 out of their 5 items in a similar system. Glam Bag X ($55/quarter) members will get to choose 3 products as well but from a variety of exclusive items.
How do IPSY add-ons work?
IPSY allows Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag X subscribers to include up to 10 add-ons in their regular shipment. Every month on the 2nd of the month, beginning at 6 AM PST, IPSY will activate their add-ons page for 24 hours. During that time frame, you can shop deluxe samples for $3 each and full-size items for $12 or $18 each. Anything you choose will be included in your next IPSY subscription shipment, which means they’ll ship for free.
Is shipping free for my IPSY subscription?
Shipping is free for US customers and costs a flat rate of $2.95 to Canadian customers.
Where did Glam Bag Ultimate go?
The former IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate ($50/month) subscription tier is being transitioned to a new, quarterly box called Glam Bag X ($55/month). Final Glam Bag Ultimate orders will be shipped in December 2020. Annual Glam Bag Ultimate subscribers who are left with remaining credits will receive a full refund.
What is IPSY Glam Bag X?
Glam Bag X is IPSY’s newest beauty subscription addition! It’s a quarterly, limited edition box that you must be an existing IPSY subscriber to access. So, if you’re already subscribed to Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus, you can upgrade to Glam Bag X at any time—it costs $55 per quarter, and is filled with 7-8 full-size products worth up to $350. Each box is curated by a different beauty celeb and offers the opportunity to customize 3 products each quarter. IPSY Glam Bag X ships out in February, May, August, and November. During those months, your Glam Bag X replaces your usual monthly bag (either your Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus). If you’re subscribed to both, it replaces your Glam Bag Plus.
Does IPSY offer gift subscriptions?
IPSY does not have a specific gifting program, but you can sign a friend up for this subscription by completing their beauty profile for them and using their email address to register. During the process of subscribing for a friend, they’ll have an inactive membership, which IPSY will move to active ASAP.
How do I cancel my IPSY membership?
Start the cancellation process from your IPSY account. After following the steps, you will receive an email to finalize your cancellation. Be sure to click the link in the email or your cancellation request will not be processed.

You must confirm your cancellation via email by 12pm PT on the last day of the month if you don’t want the upcoming month’s Glam Bag. If you confirm your cancellation after 12pm PT, your membership will not end until the following month.

For annual subscribers, you’ll still receive the rest of your Glam Bags for the year, but your membership will not renew.

From the Brand

"We inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty. Beauty isn't one-size-fits-all. It's about you. Everything we do is in support of your journey of self-discovery, so you feel confident letting your unique beauty shine bright every day."

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