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Spoiler Alert! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus February 2020 Spoilers Round #2!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 5 full-size products! You’ll also get a makeup bag once every three months.

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same old stuff month after month
on 10/10/2019
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I am probably going to skip October... disappointing
on 9/17/2019
I am honestly not super excited about coming back to Ipsy after a two year break. I took a break because I was getting the same items over and over including ones that I clearly marked that I did not like. I was offered GBP when it started and I decided to give that a try. My first and second boxes were amazing and I even got two friends to subscribe again because I honestly thought they had finally fixed the algorithm of choosing the product based on the questions and reviews. Well I guess I was wrong. I got the same lipstick that I reviewed as did not like in the same color that I also reviewed as shade is not for me. I understand that glitches happen but really?! Then I received a face mask in yesterday’s box that they valued at $38, according to the brand website and Ulta it’s $20. The mask is also supposed to be pink in color and it’s yellow and smells like plastic. I upgraded last month to the GBP Elite and I am really second guessing that now.
on 9/14/2019
I was subscribing to 4 beauty boxes at one time but have recently cut back to GBP. It is always my favorite. I’ve gotten some incredible products that I know I never would have bought on my own. As far as I can see the value is better than the others. Customer service is spot on with Ipsy beauty boxes. They make me feel like my opinion matters. So I rate GBP with 5 stars. Love it!!
on 8/21/2019
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I anticipate this beauty box the most. I enjoy all the various customizations and I am always looking up potential spoilers in my free time. I feel like the GBP has more value because it is full sized products, where often brands give out samples for free. I am not that excited about this months box, but I always feel I get my value for it. I have also discovered some makeup products I would not normally buy and have surprisingly enjoyed. It is definitely a great bargain but it is also very tempting to keep shopping! I also appreciate that all of my items in my GBP have been cruelty-free. As long as it stays that way, I will continue to subscribe. If that changes, I will reconsider.
on 8/2/2019
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I get 4 other subscription boxes and I look forward to opening all of them, but I've only gotten 2 Ipsy Plus boxes and already I'm just like oh, so it's here.. The products aren't things that are new and exciting to me, I don't look at the sneak peaks and get excited.. I end up adding alot of add-ons to my box to make it just decent. I'm giving them to the end of summer to step it up, or else I'm cancelling... I suggest people get boxycharm/luxe over this x1000
on 7/5/2019
Ive used Ipsy for years now and was excited to be getting full sizes of the products i love... Not really. They seem to have problems reading the beauty profiles and preferences. I always get mascara and eye liner plus other items I don't prefer. Im liking Boxy Charm atm. Was really impressed with tbeir luxe box... Plus the cute bags were the best and now you don't get them😔😒
on 6/30/2019
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I've been a regular ipsy subscriber for years so I jumped when I got the chance to get the Glam Bag Plus. First box, pretty darn good. The packaging leaves a bit to be desired (if you get boxy or birchbox then you'll understand) but the products were ok. I did get an eyeshadow palette which was kind of disappointing because it's one item I dont care for and I've relayed that in my beauty profile, but otherwise it was worth the extra $$ for the box. Now here comes the second month and I get .. You guessed it- Another dang palette!! And the colors are almost EXACTLY the same. Talk about major disappointment! This was a total fail for me because there was even another color choice if they absolutely HAD to send more eye shadow. So now, I've got 2 palettes that I don't want. The only redeeming factor was the Sunday Riley cream; that alone costs more than twice the box itself and I really wanted it to go with my oil; so it wasn't a total loss. For now, I've put my subscription on hold until I decide if I want to cancel or not. Do better Ipsy, do better!!
on 6/21/2019
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I love this Months ❤️ Ipsy Glam Bag Plus the best so far, it has everything I love and need. Thank You 😊 for the perfect Box to be a part of, it's the investment I have been proud to pay for. March's Box I would love the Smokey Palette, those are perfect colors, you guys are amazing.
on 3/1/2019