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Spoiler Alert! Ipsy September 2018 Spoilers + Glam Bag Design Reveal!

Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 4-5 deluxe and full size products, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

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I love Ipsy! I have been a subscriber for three years, and recently, I added a second subscription for my two teenage daughters. I almost never have to buy makeup! I have three daughters, so I rotate which girl gets to keep the cute makeup bag each month. We have dozens of them and they are all so fun!
on 8/9/2018
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The July glam bag was my first since subscribing. Far better than Birchbox I have to say.(which I cancelled before signing up for Ipsy) I received the Eyeko eyeliner, setting powder, beauty brush, NYX liquid lipstick and charcoal eyemask. The eyeliner and setting powder and brush alone were all worth it and I use them everyday. The eyeliner and setting powder are fabulous. I was really impressed as everything was accurate for my beauty profile. All the products were great quality items I would use. Also impressed with the beauty and makeup offers on their shop. I look forward to August's glam bag!well worth the $10 per month!
on 8/4/2018
I really like all the items Ipsy has sent me, some things aren’t always something I would normally buy but I gift them if it’s something I wouldn’t use. The value is great, I got perfume (Juliette has a gun) this month & it alone was worth more than the subscription & I was able to discover a new perfume I love. Look, you’re not going to absolutely love everything they, or anyone sends but that’s the chance you take with any subscription box...you can always cancel & buy the items individually, I mean really! Take it for what it is, it’s a fun surprise. I prefer Ipsy because of the value & full size items, most of which I use. I recommend trying it over a couple months at least. Update your profile, review items & it will help in what they send in the future.
on 7/27/2018
This is honestly the worst box I’ve ever subscribed to.. my bag took 7 weeks to receive and when I FINALLY did none of my additional items I redeemed points for were in my bag. I emailed customer service and all they told me to do was check my bag again... I’m not blind I had 8 additional items coming and didn’t get a single one. In addition there was no point in doing the beauty quiz, of the 5 normal items I did receive 3 of them were things I asked not to receive. Only good thing I can say about this box is it was easy to cancel. I will not be resubscribing
on 7/26/2018
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I tried Ipsy out for 2 months and found that it was a waste of money for me. This month I received another brush, a tiny little thing of face wash, the black eye shadow shown on the review of this months box, orange lipstick and sparkly green eye liner along. I subscribe to a few other boxes and always have more in those then what I have had with the 2 boxes I received from Ipsy. (love Sephora) Take it for what it's worth.... my daughter subscribed at the time same time as I did and her boxes have both been better and more useable then what I received.
on 7/15/2018
does anyone have a referral code? and does this give me a freebie product in my first box?
on 7/6/2018
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I love my Ispy glam bag!!! They seem to have my profile down right now!!! I hope they keep the great glam bags coming!!! I can't wait to get next months bag!!!!! I love you #ISPYGLAMBAG !!!!!!!
on 6/23/2018
So here is the thing. I like some of the stuff they sent. And I was excited to try new stuff, explore a bit. I took care making my profile and was excited. As time has past, I have not really been enjoying them as much. The reason: You tend to get a lot of the same thing, good or bad. Eyeliner (Black), Lipstick ( Nude. Sometimes you are lucky and get berry), eyeshadow brushes. Gold eyeshadow. They insist on sending me unflattering NUDE shades. I am very pale. And this lipstick would be used as a foundation or concealer on me! I have shown them to people and all say " You look dead...". Its not the only thing that has come in unflattering tones, but the most common. They insist on sending moisturizers and toners. I have sensitive skin, and I rather end up with itchy skin, burning eyes, a hard time breathing due to perfume, or it does nothing for my skin. They have sent foundations and such, and they never come even close. Too dark, too yellow. Shame thing with highlighter. I received one that is dark enough that it would never work as a highlighter without a lot of tanning. I have reviewed these items and had waited to see if over time it would improve. It hasn't. If anything, it just got worse. I am disappointed.
on 5/24/2018
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It's a mixed bag, literally. Some months are excellent and you get all items from you favorite categories in you profile, and then other months it will seem like they ignored your profile completely. That said, it is an excellent value for the price and a great way to discover new brands.
on 5/14/2018
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I loved my Ipsy and thought my products included were great. I canceled because I ended up gifting most of the makeup because the colors never suited my profile, but my favorite mascara, eyeliners, and brushes came from Ipsy.
on 4/26/2018