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Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 4-5 deluxe and full size products, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

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So here is the thing. I like some of the stuff they sent. And I was excited to try new stuff, explore a bit. I took care making my profile and was excited. As time has past, I have not really been enjoying them as much. The reason: You tend to get a lot of the same thing, good or bad. Eyeliner (Black), Lipstick ( Nude. Sometimes you are lucky and get berry), eyeshadow brushes. Gold eyeshadow. They insist on sending me unflattering NUDE shades. I am very pale. And this lipstick would be used as a foundation or concealer on me! I have shown them to people and all say " You look dead...". Its not the only thing that has come in unflattering tones, but the most common. They insist on sending moisturizers and toners. I have sensitive skin, and I rather end up with itchy skin, burning eyes, a hard time breathing due to perfume, or it does nothing for my skin. They have sent foundations and such, and they never come even close. Too dark, too yellow. Shame thing with highlighter. I received one that is dark enough that it would never work as a highlighter without a lot of tanning. I have reviewed these items and had waited to see if over time it would improve. It hasn't. If anything, it just got worse. I am disappointed.
on 5/24/2018
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It's a mixed bag, literally. Some months are excellent and you get all items from you favorite categories in you profile, and then other months it will seem like they ignored your profile completely. That said, it is an excellent value for the price and a great way to discover new brands.
on 5/14/2018
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I loved my Ipsy and thought my products included were great. I canceled because I ended up gifting most of the makeup because the colors never suited my profile, but my favorite mascara, eyeliners, and brushes came from Ipsy.
on 4/26/2018
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Out of all the beauty boxes I subscribe to, Ipsy is the absolute worst. They rarely sent anything even close to my profile and when I complained they always fell back on their "no guarantee" policy. With Birchbox and Sephora, I received replacement products or reimbursements and that was rare because they respected my profile. It seemed like Ipsy always sent the same products in the same formats or colors. Liquid eyeliner in black (ever heard of pencil or brown or gray?), Eye shadow that was either glimmer or shimmer in bright uncomplimentary colors (ever heard of matte or neutrals.?), Standard lipstick in bright uncomplimentary colors (ever heard of lip paint or neutrals?) etc.... Here is their latest response. "I realize you want a customized experience, and it's our aim to bring you that to the best of our ability. However, as previous agents have mentioned, we don't guarantee that you'll never receive a certain type of product or brand. ipsy is designed to be a mix of customization and surprise, but if you have very specific expectations for what you want or don't want to receive, you may end up being disappointed sometimes. Because you want a more customized experience, you may want to reconsider whether a membership service like ours fits your needs."
on 4/18/2018
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The Best Ipsy since I started. I love every product and they all work together After trying too many black liquid eyeliners without success I found the holy grail in this month Ipsy Ciate Starstruck. Same story with highlighter. They never showed up on my tan olive skin or faded. I got Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Glo and it looks amazing. I also got Banana Setting Powder and Dirty Little Secrets gloss in Nude Beach perfect no color nude with shine both full size. My head is exploding. Finishing up I got Briogeo Rosarco Milk leave in conditioner. The butterfly bag with metallic pink on sides is precious and colors are beautiful. I cant believe I got all this for only 10 bucks. So worth it every product a winner. Perfect products and colors for warmer weather. Thank you Ipsy Ladies for putting such thought into curating my monthly.
on 4/14/2018
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I was subscribed to Ipsy for 3 years and finally canceled. Through ipsy, I did find wonderful cosmetics and bodt products. Though them , I found NIMAD cosmetics which i adore and order from the company, Barefoot Venus A Canadian-based company with the most wonderful bath and body products ever,, Jelly Pong Pong body and Balm--both cosmetic lines i like and Keihl's as the best facial moisturizer ever! Unfortunately, even after 3 years, the eye shadow and lip gloss shades were almost always so similar, i was giving them away. also, on my profile, I specifically excluded facial masks and a skin care product i detest called FIRST AID, yet I received these items frequently. Well, i finally gave up and canceled. I did subscribe for my 14 yr old niece however , who is delighted with Ipsy and can't wait to tell me when her envelope arrives! LOL!
on 3/30/2018
I had Sephora, Bir chbox, and IPSY. Out of these 3, I LOVED IPSY and Birchbox. They both are completely different in styles of product. But, both of their customer service were impeccable. That's why, after a year I gladly renewed my subscription and got 1 as a gift for a friend. She loves it too! For $10, you can try high end products without wasting money "guessing" on what you think you'll like. If you complete your profile, your items are going to fit your skin, skin color and skin type. It's great! I wish this would have been around a decade ago.
on 3/27/2018
I'm adding another review because I can't seem to edit my previous review. I've tried beauty boxes from three other brands, and NONE of them is as good as Ipsy because only Ipsy allows you to continue to customize your preferences. Each month you have the opportunity to review the samples you received, and you are able to specify whether you like the brand, whether you like the product, and whether you're interested in that type of product (eg, I received face masks initially but stopped getting them after I specified that they're not an interest of mine, and I received more nail polish after I said I liked getting them). In addition, if the item is something that comes in various colors (eg, eyeliner, nail polish, lipstick), you have the option to state whether you like the shade you've received. With Ipsy's review process, you're constantly honing your profile so that the boxes truly are curated to you. Only one other company does anything similar, and even then it's simply not specific enough. My only "complaint" about Ipsy is that I wish they'd offer larger boxes (ie, higher priced with more products). I'd cancel all my other subscriptions and simply order a larger Ipsy bag every month.
on 3/21/2018
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Ipsy is great because you get a mixture of products. Remember a lot of “high end” products come from the same source as low end. PLUS you can buy products and get cash back. Or you can sign up, cancel and just get ipsy offers. The other great thing? I really like the bags. I have a million, but they’re really handy and they’ve changed in quality. As far as I’m concerned? You get a lot of samples...but it saves you from buying a full size you might not like anyways. If you do like it? You can buy it from Ipsy with a discount. And seriously? The price is great.
on 3/17/2018
I LOVE IPSY . I subscribe to ipsy , top box , boxy charm , lip monthly , knotty knickers and toy box . Ipsy is THE BEST . Always come the same day every month for me ( 15/16 in Ontario Canada ) . That metallic envelope IM TELLING YOU is the best part of the month I love ipsy days . Cute bag , promo codes , brushes , always a couple make up items ( that they're on POINT with - take your personalization test every month ), and then a few beauty or hair goodies . No other box has impressed me ANY month more then ipsy . Big recommendation for 14$ for my area it's a STEAL !!
on 3/16/2018