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Spoiler Alert! Ipsy July 2019 SPOILERS Round #3!

Ipsy is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 4-5 deluxe and full size products, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).

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    What is Ipsy and how does it work?

  • Ipsy ($10 per month) is one our readers’ favorite beauty subscription boxes (Check out their full list of 2019 favorites here!) Glam Bag is their standard subscription, but existing members can also upgrade to their Glam Bag Plus subscription ($25 per month for five full-size products).

    Ipsy Glam Bags include a mix of 5 full- and sample-size makeup, skincare, and hair products, (and sometimes beauty tools, too) plus a cute makeup bag with a different design each month. Products range from high-end brands to notable drugstore names, and everything is personalized to YOUR beauty preferences! When you sign up for Ipsy, you’ll complete their Beauty Quiz, noting things like your skin, eye, and hair color, as well as a bit about your expertise and style. Then, the IpsyMatch system will pick the perfect combination of products for your preferences!

    Ready to give it a try? Get started here!

    What is Ipsy Glam Bag? Is it different from Ipsy?

  • Ipsy Glam Bag is the official name for Ipsy’s standard $10 per month subscription box, but members will often refer to it simply as “ipsy” :)

    How much does Ipsy cost?

  • Ipsy Glam Bag (Ipsy’s super popular standard subscription) costs just $10 per month with free shipping. It’s one of the most affordable beauty subscription boxes out there.

    What is Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

  • Existing Ipsy members can upgrade from the standard Glam Bag membership to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, a deluxe version of their subscription that includes only full-size items! (Glam Bag Plus currently only ships to ths US.)

    Glam Bag Plus is $25 per month and often has a waitlist for membership. Once you’ve signed up for Ipsy Glam Bag, keep an eye out on our site—we’ll let you know as soon as memberships are open again!

    Is ipsy personalized?

  • Yes! Ipsy has a system called IpsyMatch, which they use to connect members with beauty products that best fit their unique needs. When you sign up for Ipsy, you’ll go through their beauty quiz, which asks about your style, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and familiarity with makeup. (Once you’re subscribed, you can update your beauty quiz answers at any time!) Each month, the IpsyMatch system takes that info and matches you with five of the 40+ new products they source each month. Take the beauty quiz now!

    What kinds of beauty products will I get?

  • Each month, the IpsyMatch program looks at the preferences you set for your account and matches you with five of the 40+ new products they’re offering for the month. That means you’ll get a mix of full- and sample-sized beauty goodies from premium, up-and-coming, and notable drugstore brands that complement your specific beauty needs!

    Where does ipsy ship?

  • Ipsy ships to the US (via DHL or FedEx and the USPS) and Canada (via Landmark Global).

    How do I pause/cancel my Ipsy account?

  • If you have products you’re still working through or just need a break, you can pause your subscription via your account. You can cancel your account online, but after you cancel in your account, you need to confirm via e-mail. See the details here.

    What is Ipsy Shopper and Ipsy Offers?

  • Ipsy members also get access to Ipsy Shopper, where you can purchase premium beauty products and earn cash back! It’s an awesome way to expand your makeup collection beyond your monthly box.

    Part of Ipsy Shopper is Ipsy Offers—daily promotions that give members excusive deals on Ipsy Shopper products. (Note that Ipsy Offers are only available in the US at this time!)

    Does Ipsy offer add-ons?

  • Yes! On the 2nd of the month, subscribers will get a Spoiler Alert notification about their upcoming box. At that point, you can add up to three products to your monthly box, such as your deluxe sample size products at $3 each or full-size products at $12 each.

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I’ve been done with Ipsy for awhile now only I just keep forgetting to cancel it BUT when I seen the Tetris balms I was super excited! I LOVE lip balms (high end and drug store... But I didn’t get anything Tetris besides the bag (which they show I got the yellow one but mine was green.) They also show I got a Tetris shadow brush which I didn’t! Why even have a collab if everyone isn’t going to get something from it? On eBay there are a couple of the orange balms for sell (which would be the last one I would want.) Unless I’m missing something u can’t even just buy the balms from Ipsy... u have to buy the entire collection or nothing. I’m just over it, every month they send me more warm colors that will never work on my extremely cool toned skin! If they actually sent stuff that I could wear it would be a great deal but they don’t.
on 6/15/2019
Did not get my last bags in the mail and I've tried to contact support. They will not refund me and will only replace a bag before 45 days. Ali, is terrible and very dismissive. I requested a Supervisor and nothing...dead space. This happens every time and why it has taken me so long to speak with someone about this issue. They never escalate it. I simply needed a refund but now I will cancel my membership.
on 6/6/2019
I just was charged for the same thing twice This did not set to well with me
on 6/1/2019
I wish they cared more about the customer. I've been with ipsy almost 4 years,and never get told or email about points,or how to use them. Idk for 10$ I can't complain,but tell your ppl happy birthday my goodness ipsy.
on 5/13/2019
No Photo
I have had the worst customer service experience with ipsy! I got my firs glam bag late and without my sign up bonus item. Then they sad it was coming in my second bag. It did but all my other items were including extras that I payed extra $$$$ for were all crushed and used( I mean USED, finger mark across the eye shadow, open products, USED)! I complained and they said they would send me out a replacement and it never came! They said they would send me another replacement and it never came! I told them the shipping company "Landmark Global" hasn't moved on any of the bags or replacements and their phone number is not in service. Ipsy response is that everything is fine and just to keep waiting. DO NOT BUY AN IPSY BAG! You will have nothing but headache for literally a cheap bag with samples of products in it. Such a waste of time and money! So very disappointed!!!
on 5/11/2019
No Photo
Love Ipsy!
on 3/31/2019
I absolutely love my Ipsy glam bag! The samples are great the selection is great and if there’s products in there that I won’t use myself I just resell them on Poshmark and make my money back and then some. It’s a win-win!
on 3/4/2019
20180504 150201 3
I Love my Ipsy glam bag. As a newer or beginning person. I Love trying new things. I learn new things off their website when I review my bag. They show you how to use and give you tips. If your a pro then maybe this isn't the bag for you.. However for $10 you can't beat it.
on 2/27/2019
This box, while great for some people, is terrible for others. I was subscribed for a very long time, even resubscribing when I had the funds to do so. However, the problem is that they don’t go by beauty preferences. You have the quiz, and it takes you maybe 3-5 minutes (which isn’t that long) but then you’ll get products that don’t do with what you ask for. I had months where all of the products were AMAZING and I loved them, and then there were other months that it just wasn’t me. My final month, which was in November, was what made me cancel. I had placed that I didn’t like oils or adventurous eyeshadows and I received both in my bag. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate any sort of makeup, but it just wasn’t something I could keep when there were better options out there.
on 1/9/2019
Gbybybas 400x400
Cancelled. I kept getting cheap brands, nothing especially for me. Colors I would never wear (orange, bright green? Come on!) Customer service was zero help.
on 12/27/2018