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Glamly creates perfectly styled outfits and send them straight to your door! Each box includes a top and 5 accessories and higher levels are available for more items! All of the items are selected from their collection based on your personal style profile.

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I've been waiting over a year to get a box that I prepaid for last year (2017). In the beginning, this subscription was great. Boxes were on time and customer service was good. After she started having personal problems, she began making excuses about why she was not doing her job. I've been contacting her since last summer about my box. She continues to make excuses. I'm all for supporting small businesses, especially women-owned ones, but this lady really does a disservice to all the really good women-owned business. She's a fraud. Plain and simple.
on 2/26/2018
DON'T BE FOOLED! Please do not subscribe to this box. I did and have not received the boxes I prepaid for. Seems like the owner had good intentions, but in the end she just took my money. When her paypal account was frozen she made many promises to have me drop my claim, once it was dropped she resumed her nefarious behavior. When i wrote her she repeatedly said she would try to refund me the money, which she never did. I am looking to see what is my next course of action. Safe your money and don't believe the lies.
on 2/16/2018
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I cancelled or tried to, three months ago and asked for money back. So far I've not gotten an answer back to emails, not received a refund, gotten no notice that my emails have even been received. Nothing. What a scam! I'm ready to take Laura Davis to small claims court. Virginia
on 7/14/2017
Great subscription box. I've been a customer over a year and I'm very pleased with the boxes. I would suggest you try to get in on one of the discount deals to reduce the monthly cost of the boxes. There are 50% off deals on the Facebook site all of the time. Join the VIP Group to get the best deals. Customer service is great. Laura always responds to email and will exchange or refund if you follow the rules. Instaglam/Glamly has definitely improved my style.
on 6/4/2017
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Great service, delightful experience. Very happy with the clothes and accessories I've received so far. There is a Facebook Instaglam group where they also have specials of single items and items from past boxes and previews of upcoming boxes. I would suggest anyone having problems with this subscription try contacting Laura Davis (proprietor) via the FB group.
on 10/26/2016
Horrible!!! Buyer beware! You will NOT get what they promise you. Especially if you are a plus size girl. You can find better clothes in the bargain bin at any Ross or TJ MAXX. They send you a "survey" every month and then will just send you whatever they feel like. Some months I don't even get the survey or a box that I've ALREADY PAID FOR! And forget about customer service. It is non existent. They don't care that they are screwing people over left and right. Please please please, skip this box!! I've already wasted $300 on 2 boxes of child size clothing and cheap dollar store accessories. They will not give you any money back even though they will not hold up to their agreement.
on 10/22/2016