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iBeautyBox is Makeup Subscription plan. Join now to receive a monthly box of 5- 7 or more full-sized products with the best in makeup, skin care, bath, body, jewelry and more. Our box is ALWAYS valued well over the cost per month. We love beauty, which is why we purchase our products from all over the world—to bring you the absolute best in beauty. With over 200 brands, we are just getting started.

Shipping: Free US Shipping. $5.00 to Canada, $10.00 to everywhere else.

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I am very disappointed in this box. I received this box thinking that i was gonna try it and see if i liked it cause i get like 6-7 beauty boxes and am trying to find some new boxes. but everything i got in this box i swear they got all the items at the dollar store.
on 11/25/2016
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This box was so great! The shipping was really fast, the customer service is great, and the items/variety of everything was pretty excellent. I didn't really know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised, and I even got a message saying that usually there's a higher value in the boxes than what I received, but I thought it was already amazing! I'll use everything in the box if I haven't already, and I plan on returning to this particular subscription box again and again. It kind of reminded me of the Walmart Beauty Box, so if you like that I really think you'll like this!
on 9/27/2016