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Apr 16, 2022
"So many issues - buyer beware"
I rarely leave reviews, but this subscription merits a buyer beware type of warning. Totally agree with other reviewers on (1) it's not clear that you're signing up for an entire series of boxes to solve ONE mystery, so not appropriate for a family event, (2) cancelling is difficult (I kept trying thru the site -- the message kept saying "your cancellation may take up to 5-7 minutes to process" (frustrating)-- only to learn that I apparently hadn't actually cancelled the first or second time I tried and got charged for another box, (3) customer service difficult to reach, (4) but when they did get back to me, told me they require 3 days notice to cancel and that my cancellation had come through on the day of the subscription ship date (it may have gone thru that day after several attempts, but I had tried to cancel in advance). Very unhappy, so leaving a review. Would leave zero stars if possible.
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Jan 3, 2022
"Extremely Poor Value"
I got this for my wife for Christmas. She finished the game in 10 mins... at least with a $30 board game you can play over and overr. You also have to wait six months to finish the rest of the game after spending $180+. This is an insanely bad deal for the consumer. The subscription pricing model is great for the company but totally screws the consumer. The pricing method is an excellent method for making customers spend a huge amount of money on items that are not worth the sum of the monthly payments. When is the last time you spent $180+ on a board game? You never have because that's absurd. Don't waste your money. Buy a board game that you can play over and over again with friends that only costs $30 once.
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Dec 8, 2021
"horrible customer service"
I decided to buy box sets for my brother's family and my sister's family for Christmas (it was $381.48 but they are certainly worth it). There has been nothing but trouble since the order was placed. The website is deceptive as claiming 30% off your first box (so I was expecting a discount of $49.50 off one $165 boxes) - but apparently I'm supposed to understand that there were 6 boxes in the box set so only $10 was taken off one of those inner-boxes! I tried to discuss this with customer service but there is no phone number or even email address for them - you have to type a text on the site and then wait for hours for someone to reply with a vague generic reply that you then have to reply to and again wait hours. They figure you will just give up and accept things the way they are (which is what I did). Only 1 of the 2 boxes arrived despite the site reporting order was complete and I am now having to sit online IMing and waiting hours for a reply (none yet after 4 hours).