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Sep 10, 2021
"Cannot recommend. Terrible customer service, order issues. "
I am so sad this isn't working out. I'm on my fourth box. My first two arrived on time and in good order. I only had one problem on my first order (a spoiled salad kit), and one problem on my second order (one of the sweet potatoes was half rotted). Everything else was fine, and it really did help me cook and provide better meals for my family. The third box arrived very late, and after looking at the (crappy, bare bones tracking) it looked like the box had been on the truck for six whole days. When it finally arrived, the ice packs were almost completely warm and much of the food packaging was swelled up like it was starting to spoil. I had to throw out everything except for the non-perishable snack items. Getting a hold of customer service was a nightmare. I gave them another chance with our fourth box and it was again, delayed. On the truck for five days. The trucks aren't refrigerated so I have to throw out most of the kit. Wish they'd get their crap together.
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Sep 1, 2021
"I wanted to love this... but it's terrible"
I really wanted to love this. They have many problems, however. 100% of our orders had an issue. Two were late on delivery, lasership is a terrible delivery service and will be the ultimate ruin for this company. The other order was substituted for something that I am allergic to and made a meal essentially useless. Otherwise, if you ignore the glaring major issues, the food itself was alright. They definitely shine in the vegetarian arena, but their poultry was lacking and kind of disappointing.
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Aug 2, 2021
"very poor customer service and delivery"
food is delicious, would be perfect if delivery and customer service were also reliable. I can withstand an occasional delivery issue, but when I'm counting on the delivery to provide meals for two days and it's not arrived yet, it would be nice to know why/ and be warned in advance of a delivery issue. customer service consists of an email back in a week saying, "I see that your delivery has arrived, if there is anything else I can do for you contact us again" - they did refund my money but I cancelled the service anyways..