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The How to be a Redhead team works meticulously to find products that meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is proud to deliver them to the doorstep of every redhead each month. The products range from samples to full sizes.

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Ffccking moogle
I tried this for Nov & Dec of this year. First box’s value was made of a no brand name blue scarf that had pulled threads before I got it out of the packaging, the only nice item was a full size Medusa’s Makeup lipstick that I already owned. Everything else was foil samples. The Dec box’s main value was deluxe samples of a hair color care system that stained my hair fire engine red on the test strand (my hair is a light coppery auburn), and a rechargeable selfie light for your phone. The rest was once again foil samples and a tiny lip gloss sample. If this is their best/holiday boxes, I think I’ll pass.
on 12/14/2018
No Photo
The box is decent but I had products damaged in shipping and they blamed the post office. It was the way the items were packed, not the way it was handled in shipping, that caused the items to come apart and make a mess that I had to clean up. The box itself was not damaged and the heavier items were not secured. I was not offered any compensation or offer to replace the damaged items. The price is reasonable enough that I will give them one more month before deciding whether to continue.
on 9/13/2018
Great Box! Every time Receive one I'm always surprised by how good the box is. There is great value for what you're paying and a wide range of products to try for redheads. Love it!
on 8/20/2016
Disappointed. Cancelled after the second box. Not worth the cost.
on 6/2/2016
No Photo
Best subscription box for redheads! Love all the products. Thank you H2BAR! #RedheadsRock
on 5/4/2016
Img 0527
I just received this box and I love it! It is perfect for redheads and I love having something that works perfectly with all of me! Love love love!!!
on 4/19/2016
Best box ever!! Cancelled all the others.
on 4/11/2016