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The GREENBOX from Homegrown Collective is a subscription box that is part eco-friendly, part DIY. Each month they send you everything you need to complete multiple projects around a theme. The month-to-month box costs $39 plus $9 shipping. If you subscribe to the 6-month plan shipping is free! (Shipping to Canada is $19 a month)

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Bought my daughter a single box for Christmas. Since it was delivered early, I let her open it. It was disappointing that for one of the items she was to make, there wasn't enough of the two "ingredients". It's a cool concept but in my opinion, overpriced.
on 12/20/2015
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Cool idea, but terrible terrible customer service. Took shaming them on their FB page several times and numerous phone calls to be able to cancel with them. They had charged me for three boxes but had only sent one, and appear to be chronically late in sending stuff out. PLEASE USE CAUTION BEFORE SUBSCRIBING AND CHECK OUT THEIR FB PAGE AND OTHER SUB BOX DISCUSSION SITES.
on 5/23/2015
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Too expensive for the value i got out of it and very poor customer service was my experience. I canceled for those reasons.
on 4/27/2015
This box is awesome. They send you quality ingredients, instructions, and good information. You don't just make stuff. You learn how to make useful, necessary items at home with natural products. I love what I made and I am keeping the recipes for future reference. So many of these boxes are just stuff. This one is so very different. I couldn't be happier. My husband was out of town and while he was gone I did a couple of my Darby Smart boxes and this box. The Darby Smart were fun but after I was done I ended up with stuff I wouldn't use or really want had I not made them. What I made with this box I will use up and have instructions for future use. So happy!
on 4/2/2015
We got our box today (7/5/2014). It's the "Aloe" kit. I get to make body lotion, sunscreen, and bug repellant. I am so excited to do these projects! I get so bored at home, so now I can make products that are all natural and healthy for my family. Everything you need is included, and the box arrived smelling wonderfully of herbs, oils, and potpourri!
on 7/5/2014
I bought the 6 month subscription in October and I've loved every box, but They wouldn't send me my 6th box ( wanted me to resubscribe before :( )
on 6/17/2014
I really love the idea of this box, but it's just too expensive. If they had a tier system where they offered a smaller sized box for a lower price along with their regular box I would be more likely to subscribe.
on 12/26/2013
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That looks SO fun
on 10/29/2013
Cherin 2
I just got my second GreenBox and it is as amazing as my first. Although the price is higher then other boxes, I think it is well worth it.
on 10/2/2013