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Choose your desired number of months and receive THREE different mixed occasion letterpress greeting cards right to your door. the cards are all new or best-selling, and accommodate all your favorite seasons. you'll also receive three prepaid matching envelopes stamped and ready to send!

Shipping: $2.50 within the United States, $6 internationally

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I really liked the cards that Hello Lucky sent. If you are looking at this around the time I posted then the images are in my profile. There was a picture of beach bathers laying out with the words "Soak it up on your birthday!". A thank you card done up in side show style with a knife thrower and his female target saying " Thanks! Right on Target!". And a card with a Pegasus that said "You're Pure Magic". I loved these cards but they place stamps right in each envelope. Most of my cards I give in person so I didn't want the cards coming pre-stamped so I cancelled. Actually, apparently I didn't need to cancel. When I couldn't find a way to cancel online I contacted them and very quickly received a reply e-mail explaining that since I choose the 1 month option that I was only set up to get one month of cards. So, no reoccurring plans as far as I could see. If most of your cards are mailed out I highly recommend this sub. Great cards!
on 8/26/2015