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Hello Happiness Box is a monthly kawaii subscription box of Sanrio and San-X surprises.

Each monthly box features licensed and non-licensed plushes, home goods, snacks, stationery, fashion accessories such as socks and hair clips, and other fun items themed around a different Sanrio or San-X character.

According to the company, "The box is designed for those who love the cuteness of Hello Kitty and Rilakuma bear and all their family members! We at Hello Happiness recognize there is a generational love of Sanrio and San-X and hope the box will bring a smile to the homes that receive them, for both the parents and the children."

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I subscribed to this and received 3 boxes; I was not very impressed to say the least. Not very many items included, didn't stick to their theme of their character focus for the month, no large or special main item, (just a bunch of smaller things), all things that you can find for very cheap not making it worth the amount paid for the box, and finally, there is no way to unsubscribe or manage your subscription from their website, (you have to figure out how to manage it through your paypal which is difficult to find and if you can't, then you have to email them to do it which they said they couldn't even do the first time around I tried to cancel). Oh, and I should also probably mention that the review box they sent out for review purposes to one of the you tubers and featured on a video on their website, has nowhere near the amount nor quality of items shown on the video....the video makes it look like you get a box stuffed to the brim with lots of nice kawaii things when in actuality, the box has barely enough to even cover just the bottom of the box, very light...mostly tiny memo pads/pencil toppers etc. One of my boxes had red bow earrings in it, and I don't even have pierced ears. Another box had a cinnamoroll squishy which was NOT authentic and can be purchased for maybe $1.50 off some of the knock off squishy websites. Anyway, I think I have made my point; it's too bad because I was really looking forward to this box at the time and I stayed with them longer than I should hoping that maybe it was just a bad month or two for them and it would get better. =/
on 1/21/2018