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"The Classic Box is the box that made us famous. Filled with high quality delicious snacks that change every month, you can expect a variety of great items like bars, drinks, sweets, fruits, veggies, exotics, nuts and more! Soon after becoming conscious about the ingredients in the products one eats and drinks, everyone quickly gets tired of having to read ingredient lists on 100 products just to find maybe 10 that are clean. It's exhausting, frustrating and depressing. That is why a subscription to our Classic Box is so convenient and awesome! Each month there are different snacks in the box. So when you sign up for a subscription, you'll get constant variety, will always have delicious healthy snacks around when hunger strikes, and be exposed to tons of amazing delicious snacks that you can actually eat! Every month our snackologists put together a new packing list of high quality, delicious snacks! In the Classic Box, there are 15 full size snacks each month."

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March 22, 2015
have received two boxes from them in the past and while I enjoyed the snacks a great deal, could not justify spending that much a month on munchies that lasted only a week at most. I canceled the subscription though if it was more affordable, I would definitely reconsider.
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November 5, 2014
The Healthy Surprise website has been down since Monday, November 3rd.
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October 10, 2014
I subscribed to this box for about a year or two. I initially started with the smallest box, and ended up getting the huge one; I had to cancel my subscription because the 95$ was hitting my wallet too hard. Honestly, I think the best worth and value is in the medium and large boxes, as I found out that the smallest box would last me 2 days. 2 DAYS!! The snacks are freaking delish, however, especially if you really are Vegan and or are used to health food store fare. I don't really recommend this box to people whom aren't adventurous in their food intake. Sometimes I would get things that weren't really too good, or too much of something (Macaroons, anyone?). But this is cheaper than going to your local health food store and raiding the isles. PROS: Yummy, Novel snack ideas, VEGAN, healthy, supports small businesses CONS: Small box not worth it, larger boxes are pretty $$$$
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