Hatchery Tasting Box
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Hatchery Tasting Box


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With a Hatchery Tasting Box subscription, you'll receive a delivery of curated, sample-size artisan ingredients and condiments to your doorstep every month. Each product comes with a variety of chef-inspired recipes and recommendations to take your favorite dishes to the next level. Each box includes a hand selected combination of ingredients, such as: condiments, spreads, cooking sauces, jams, honeys, syrups, oils, vinegars, salts, spices, seasonings and specialty baking ingredients.

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NOT recommended This box is by no means worth the money. So disappointed in it~ the only rave reviews are obviously from bloggers who got the item for free. The pictures from the bloggers looks nothing like the box you will recieve.. My first box 1 sample honey this is the size that comes free with your breakfast with hotel room service. 1 sample desert topping (same as above, so so small) 2 oz of.... ketchup... yes that rare item we are all dying to try.. 2 single service spice packets Nothing was wrapped lovely as shown on all the blogs No recipes were included as shown on blogs.. haven't you always wanted a ketchup recipe... Suppose to be shipped mid month... they are not they arrive late month (5/25 for May) they also do not send shipping confirmation for you to track. I'm sure the box cost more than the items.. I will not extend my subscription. I also subscribed to GlobeIn; will not renew... 1 good box out of 3 sorry that's a failing grade (late shipping; no shipping notification) I strongly recommend International Yumm box~ combo of sweet & salty snacks; they arrive exactly when they tell you they will; the 15th of the month without fail; they send shipping confirmation so you can track. I've given 3 6mo subscriptions... only complaint is June is going to be from the US... which I think is very lazy.. if I wanted US treats I would buy them.. that is not why I signed up for International... also no chocolate will be shipped in boxes during warm months.. so not again until Oct (I'd wait until then, because the chocolates are great)
on 5/26/2016
They raised their prices to $25 per month or $240 for the year :/
on 7/8/2014