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The Basics

  • $15 Yearly
  • Ships to US, UK, and Canada
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Featured Review: Harry's Razor Starter Set Review + Coupon

Review for Harry's Razor Starter Set Review + Coupon
Marne Orenich profile picture by Marne Orenich on February 14, 2019

Marne tries Harry's razor to see how this male-targeted shaving subscription works from a woman's perspective. Read the full review and get their starter set for just $8.00! Read more...

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The Basics

  • $15 Yearly
  • Ships to US, UK, and Canada

How Do Subscribers Rate Harry's?

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4.7 overall rating

User Reviews

Dec 3, 2016
I got this a few months ago for myself! Love it! The quality of Harry's is far better than any female razors I find at target and walmart - and they're even cheaper! I get so much more for less with Harry's and won't be going back to anything else. The razors last a good while too, so I only get razors shipped every 6 months to myself.

Apr 11, 2016
Got this subscription for my husband as a gift for Christmas two years ago and we have been using Harry's ever since. He is on a plan that sends him razors, after shave, travel heads and all sorts of other goodies. I also really like how easy they make the website and email invoices should you want to make changes to your plan. During November, Harry's did a special that was to raise money for Men's Health and Awareness, I purchased a razor for myself initially just to support the cause as my father has battled men's health issues, and have been using it ever since! lol! Hey these are great razors and are sure better than the ones at the drug store ladies! Clean smooth shave for those legs every time!!! And for the cost, you cannot beat it!! Great exceptionally high quality razors, delivered right to your door, customizable options, what is not to love?

May 20, 2015
Great stuff... I look forward to this box every month. The razors are great quality which is why I went with Harry's.
Profile image for Robyn

Aug 10, 2014
Got this subscription for my boyfriend. Had a hard time deciding between Harrys and DSC... In the end i choose Harrys because they seemed like to cater to the type of man MY man is. We are happy with the quality of their products and the price.

Apr 17, 2014
Harry's is awesome! Been using for about 2 weeks and it's high quality at a great price. Customer service is excellent. Got the Truman set!

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