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Happy Place Treats


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Happy Place Treats is a subscription box for the foodie traveler. Happy Place Treats delivers unique, local, tasty treats from all across the USA. Boxes contain 5-7 full size products. Happy Place Treats ships to our subscribers on the 15th of each month. Cost is $29.99 plus $5.00 flat rate shipping within the US.

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I am extremely impressed with they're customer service. Back a few months ago I had signed up to start getting this subscription. I had been waiting what seemed like forever to get my first box. Then I received an email stating they would be charging my account in a couple of day. I was irate about this because I still had never received a box from them. I contacted them to let them know how dissatisfied I was in they're company and I wanted to cancel my subscription immediately! I then received an email from them apologizing. There was a miss communication between us. I was happy that they explained everything than had happened with my account. No money had ever been withdrawn my account. but, that she went ahead and cancelled my subscription. She then again apologizing and sent me they're next box free of charge. I thought that was going above great service!!! I received the box within the next couple of days. As it had been sent 2 day delivery. The box was great, too!!! I would totally recommend this subscription box!!!
on 8/9/2015
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I've ordered several boxes from Happy Place Treats - New Orleans, Montana, and Chicago. Even though I've personally traveled to all these locations before, I still discovered items in each box I've never tried before! All the items are always fun for the family and to share with friends. The New Orleans ones came in especially handy with all of the snacks for a long road trip I took with a girlfriend! As a foodie I'd highly recommend it to any of my friends.
on 3/31/2015