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Happy Mail


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Happy Mail is a monthly subscription from A Beautiful Mess. Subscribers get a mix of stationery, cards, notepads, stickers, journals, etc. Annual subscriptions are reduced in price to $15 a month.

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Signed up on Jan 05, charged immediately. On Jan 10 was charged again for another box, no idea why? Thought this would be a great subscription but really don't appreciate the shady practice.
on 1/10/2017
Great feedback, I was interested in subscribing but I will pass after all these reviews.
on 1/21/2016
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AWFUL! I asked to CANCEL my happy box and get the messy box. In the cancel email I wrote that maybe I should just switch. I immediately signed up for the more expensive box. Four months later I'm still getting double charged. I'm pretty sure I can do a charge back which I hate to do- but how hard would it be to give me a couple of free months. Or, gasp. apologize. I am so mad because I liked this box. They're just too shady to trust with credit cards.
on 7/10/2015
The cancelling process is really difficult. Even worse than Arcade Block, and I thought that was pretty bad... Customer Service is slow to respond. Plus if you do cancel, the refund is not pro-rated fairly. I would love this sub so much more if they just made it easier to cancel (or at least opt out of certain months), like say Wantable or CitrusLane.
on 5/22/2015
I love this box! I only started last month, but it's so cute and the value is amazing! The quality of the cards is amazing and they are so unique. Not only do you get a set of cards each month, but you also get a few "special items" like stickers or a notepad. Try it out. You won't be disappointed!
on 5/16/2015
I wanted so much to love this box. I'm a subcribtion junkie and when I saw that this box was coming out I was all for it. I've been reading the blog and even bought their books. Well so far I haven't used ONE card yet or anything in the box for that matter! Such a disappointment. I would suggest paying the $20 and trying it out first and pass on the yearly subcription!
on 2/28/2015
Img 0033
Just got my first. I like it-it's got me to send cards to a few people who I know will enjoy them. Although, I probably need a few more friends-because I sent them to most of them with one box. I like it, but I do not like things laying around my house. Next month will be a better barometer.
on 2/25/2015
Meh. Not so thrilled, every card I got was a flat card or postcard, three of them are the same, small, flat black and white cards with "This card is for:" and about 5 checkboxes on it, the checkboxes are simple, like, "your baby" is one and another is "your wedding" it's so incredibly generic I would feel cheap using them. I like people to think I put some thought into what I send or enclose. A cheap white checkbox card is not going to do it. That being said, I did get 2 cards I liked and a nice print that I intend to use. I am in the process of cancelling, it's an annoying process, first you have to e-mail them, wait for a reply and pretty much beg them to stop. And, if for some reason the process takes longer than the 25th of the month, they charge you a cancellation fee of $15 and you don't get a package for it. You just have to pay them to stop.
on 2/17/2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cute cards, awesome quality, great packaging, huge variety --everything about this is incredible. The only downside is the cards are too cute to use and I just hoard them all!
on 1/29/2015