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Hall & Madden is a subscription service that sends you 3 dress shirts every season. The first box will be the essentials: white, blue, and striped. Future boxes depend on that months’ short-run style and usually consist of 2 classic patterns and 1 trending one. You can select to get your shirts every 3, 4 or 6 months.

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January 21, 2017
Not normally a review kind of guy, but I wanted to write a review for Hall & Madden because I really enjoyed their high-quality shirt subscription service. This should be a go-to subscription for any man who regularly has to dress in business casual or professional attire. Their shirts have great designs and fabric, come with neat metal collar stays, and are incredibly durable. They're a real bargain for $50/apiece. Below I compare them against what I'd consider the other two best options. Charles Tyrwhitt: There is a significant and immediately apparent difference in quality between the Charles Tyrwhitt and Hall & Madden shirts that I own. The patterns on the HM shirts are more subtle and less gaudy, and feel like they will age better. The quality of the material is similarly superior: HM's standard shirts feel softer and sturdier (and have held up better over ~2 years of washing), their summer shirts feel lighter and more comfortable in sweltering humidity. CT's go-to pricing is 4-for-$199, which puts the sticker prices the same, but you find CT shirts for between $30-$40 a shirt most of the time if you're willing to wait. At that price they're a bargain, but the Hall & Madden shirts are a totally reasonable step up in quality for a small step up in price, plus there are no sale gimmicks. CT's shirts are great, don't get me wrong, but these trounce them quality wise. Brooks Brothers: I have to admit: I love me a Brooks Brothers non-iron dress shirt. They're sturdy, no-iron means no-iron, and the patterns and construction are usually classic and will survive changes in male fashion. That said, they are expensive damn shirts. The *best* you will ever find them for is 4-for-$200, and then usually the sizing and patterns are limited. Most of the time they will be significantly more expensive. But I'm not even convinced they have HM shirts beat on quality. I own a few of each, and I think that the Hall & Madden cuts look better on most slim-moderate fit men, and that the materials on the Hall & Madden shirts feel similar or better than the Brooks Brothers ones. Once price is in the mix, these shirts handily trounce Brooks Brothers in my opinion. The subscription service itself is low-tech: most of it is done by email and you change or cancel your subscription, payment, address, etc. by emailing the support team. That said, they have always gotten back to me within minutes regardless of the time of day or week, and canceling, changing address, and changing frequency were all painless for me. This is a well-run shirt subscription at a real bargain. Probably the best men's shirt under $100 you can find. I recommend them.
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