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Grove Collaborative is "an online service dedicated to helping you craft a healthy, beautiful environment in your home. We do the research and hand-select the best natural products, and deliver them (carbon offset) right to your door." They have a 100% happiness guarantee as well and are a certified B Corporation. Choose from their selection of kitchen products, face/body, laundry, and oral care. Deliveries dates are flexible according to your household's needs. Pricing varies depending on products selected; VIP membership is $19.99 for a full year.

Shipping: $2.99, or free if you join the VIP Program for $19.99/year

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I’ve been with Grove for several months. Love that they make sure I have auto order for some things and that I can change the timing on those as I go. Really love their trash bags! Post consumer waste and they stand up to what we need. Carry lots of non toxic and more natural cleaners. Still trying to find a really good stain remover that’s eco friendly though. Their completely non Paper toilet tissue is a great idea but honestly single ply is not all that gentle on the booty. Overall easy ordering and holding for things you don’t need. Early notifications of purchases. Great products overall!
on 11/2/2019
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I got my first box a few days ago! And I was super amazed and excited. The shipping is so fast, within 5-7days of my payment! My teenage granddaughter had subscribed also and she loves it too. She got hers the days before mine arrived and she was actually more excited than I was. The packaging was the best I've seen , hands down, Anywhere! Not room to explain but it's flawless! I got the the holiday scented sign on deal and they all smell sooo good and clean. Not a harsh chemical smell. The only one I didn't really like the scent of was the lavender hand wash. My grand didn't like that one either. Also, the ones I've tried out so far work just as good as the name brand stuff. I just wanted to try it out and get the free stuff but now that I have, I think I may just be a customer for life!!
on 12/5/2018
This is a fantastic subscription service where you can get awesome kitchen,bath, cleaning, health and beauty products. I absolutely love the Grove- the customer service is phenomenal and they have wonderful products! They even listen to their customers- I recommended a product, and voila! A couple of months later, they are carrying that product! (Bee's Wrap). The shipping is super fast and free if you join as a VIP...and they have two months of free shipping to see if you like the service. I highly recommend them- check it out!
on 5/8/2017