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Grocery Pup is a meal service for dogs. Each shipment includes sous-vide, human grade food.

From Grocery Pup:

“We take non-GMO veggies and USDA meats, place them into BPA-free vacuum sealed bags and sous-vide cook them for two hours until the food reaches 160 F. Just enough to kill pathogens but no more to retain natural nutrients while enriching the flavors of the whole foods.
Our bags hold one-pound sous-vide patties for easy storage in the freezer. This allows you to buy in bulk and not have to worry about spoilage so you can feed your pup fresh real food at anytime.
We've made our food super easy to defrost ahead of mealtime. Since each patty is vacuum sealed, you can defrost a patty in water 30 minutes before mealtime. No more angst over forgetting to defrost the food 24 hours before your pup's next meal!”