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Graze is a monthly subscription of wholesome, healthy snacks. You get to select which of their 100+ snacks you want in each 8-snack box, as well as the delivery schedule. Choose to receive snacks every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

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I subscribed when they were still in testing phase and I've kept it ever since. They give complete control over when you get your box, a choice o boxes, and you can tell them what to send and not send again!
on 2/1/2015
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I got a free trial and was not impressed, I gave them a second chance because they offered me a half price box if I stayed and again, I did not like them. First they make you purchase 2 times a month and the packaging is so ridiculously small that even at $6.95 subscription fee it's still a rip off. To each their own, but I did not care for any of their snacks and I would not recommend them.
on 1/25/2015
My girlfriend loves the box WHEN SHE GETS THEM. Graze has some serious shipping issues and our boxes have been "lost in the mail" twice in the last 2 months. Not looking good. Luckily they will refund you no questions asked for the first box, but after that you gotta open up a case with them via email to get refunded
on 1/14/2015
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i tried graze i did not like the snacks at all so i cancelled has a nice portion for those that enjoy those kind of snacks xoxo dorothy
on 12/30/2014
I just started this box and already LOVE it. Amazing customer service. They give the idea to ship to work so you get your treats there. Well, our secretary thought the first box mailed was a random giveaway (even with my name on it, grr!!) and passed out all the goodies to employees on a day I was home sick. One quick email by her to customer service and they credited my account in full for the box. So easy. I just got my second box (now shipping to my home) and definitely worth the money. Yum!
on 12/13/2014
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Graze is so bad that I feel embarrassed and angry at myself for signing up. They sent me items that I "trashed" and cleverly made sure that deliveries arrived AFTER the cancellation date, so I was stuck paying for an extra week after I decided I'd had enough. And honestly? The food was HORRIBLE. Especially the savory dips-- EW. And the price is totally insane for the amount of food you receive. I'm much happier spending the same amount at Trader Joe's and getting four times as much food.
on 11/13/2014
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Loved, Loved, Loved them!
on 11/11/2014
Wonderful snacks. I love how customizable it is, so you can fit any dietary need.
on 10/22/2014
I have now received 6 Graze boxes and I am in LOVE. There is a problem tho.... The Mr. in the house got his hands on one and loved it to! There are perfect packed snacks that are great for on the go. I keep a few in my office and a few in my purse. Everyone who tries them loves them.
on 8/25/2014
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This should be updated. It's $6.95/box, but I just ordered my own! Cant wait to get it! I also used Caitlin's friend code...Thanks C!
on 8/13/2014